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  • Rhannon

    Room Attendant of The Year

    Room Attendant of the Year!!! How fantastic is that??

    In the Finals

    Our lovely Rhiannon, one of my team of ‘angels’ has been shortlisted as one of only 6 finalists for this prestigious award. Out of all the hospitality businesses in the UK, when you think how many that would be-there’s over a 1000 in Pembrokeshire alone!  She has been  chosen and is now  in the final 6. This is SOME achievement. To say we are proud is an understatement!

    The Team at Fields Lodge
    Ollie and his girls! Some of the Fields Lodge ‘angels’

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  • Fields Lodge Alcohol Licence

    Fields Lodge gets its’ Alcohol Licence!

    Fields Lodge gets its’ alcohol licence

    Hooray! Fields Lodge now has an alcohol licence.

    This means that you can now arrive, kick your shoes off, relax and enjoy a lovely glass of welsh bubbly with your Supper Patter.

    No having to get showered and changed to go back out for an evening meal.

    Just sit back, chill, relax and indulge.

    Sounds like heaven to me!

    If that picture just makes you want to book a stay, then click on the availability link at the side of this post….If you’d like to read about the goings on in getting the licence, then read on!!

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  • Garlland Stone

    Last few Puffins still on Skomer Island

    Still wanting to see a Puffin?

    I took a visit to Skomer Island this week-into the last few days of the Puffins on the island for 2018. It has been a great year for Skomer Puffins–over 30,000 puffins were counted this year, and as far as a population is concerned, Skomer Puffins are bucking the trend, as other Puffin colonies elsewhere in the world are declining. So much so, that the Puffin is now classed as an endangered species.

    Skomer Puffin
    Skomer Puffin

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  • Puffling feeding on Skomer

    Skomer Puffins make the BBC News

    Skomer Puffins are thriving

    How wonderful, the BBC have profiled the Puffins on Skomer Island!

    I have long been an advocate of these fantastic birds. For me, they are such healing creatures, you cannot fail to watch a puffin and smile. They just make everything in the world alright. To see them clumsily trying to get airborne from the water is a delight. Watching them you would never think that they could fly the huge distances they do when they migrate from Skomer Island in late July each year.

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  • Having a Wedding in Pembrokeshire?

    Wedding Options for Weddings in Pembrokeshire

    Relatives and friends travelling from afar?

    Is your wedding going to be held in Pembrokeshire? Are you having people travel from their homes to share your lovely day? Will they want to stay the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding?

    Wedding Flowers
    Wedding Flowers

    Then we are the place for your friends and family.





    Hair & Make-up

    Getting Ready for the wedding
    Getting Ready for the wedding in Pembrokeshire

    We can organise hair stylists and make -up artists to attend to those wanting a pamper on the big day, if required.

    We can organise a Taxi service if your guests would rather leave their car here with us and we can also organise their flowers to be delivered on the morning of the day.

    Early Check-in/Late Check-out

    We can offer Early Check-in or Late Check-out if that makes their day easier and we can be on hand for any ‘forgotten’ items. Just let us know, we’re here to help them make some great memories!

    Room rates are standard as on our website, with Early Check-in or Late Check-out added as required.

    Bridal Pamper Party

    If you’d like to spend the night before your wedding here with us and your Bridal party, then we can arrange your day for you.

    Fluffy Bathrobes
    Fluffy Bathrobes

    Choose breakfast at your time, have the run of the house and we’ll get it all ready for your hair & make-up stylists, just let us know. Enjoy a bucks fizz whist you get ready for the big day and don’t worry about checking out early, we’ll add a late check-out onto your booking for you.

    Exclusive Use Bridal Pamper Party: £600 per night


    Wedding Night

    Choose to stay in one of our best rooms and enjoy a little piece of luxury for your Wedding night before heading off on the next chapter of your life.

    Romantic Room
    Romantic Room
    Breakfast in your room
    Breakfast in your room

    We will dress your room and have bubbly on ice and artisan chocolates waiting for you. Enjoy a later breakfast in bed and relax with a late check-out.

    Wedding Night Package: £250

  • Weddings in Pembrokeshire

    Weddings in Pembrokeshire….how we get involved

    Weddings in Pembrokeshire-you may wonder how we could be involved in these. You’d be surprised!
    From the usual hosting relatives that have had to travel, to hen pamper days, to hosting the bride & her entourage and organising make-up and hair stylists on the big day, to then being the romantic backdrop to the Wedding night, we have helped make many memories.

    Romantic Room
    Romantic Room

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  • Skomer Puffin

    The Puffin has landed!

    The Puffins have landed!!

    The First Puffin


    The FIRST Puffin has landed onto Skomer Island! It’s only the 19th of March and we have the first one landed-that’s early! And that means that the numbers will just grow as the days move closer towards April, which is when they usually arrive.

    Over this weekend just gone, a hundred puffins were seen rafting in North Haven, which is one of their favoured bays on Skomer.

    This is exciting news as it’s always great to know that the Puffin is growing from strength to strength 3bvbjjin numbers on Skomer.

    So, to celebrate, any booking made this week direct with us here at Fields Lodge will receive a free Puffin Pack!!


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  • Siarad Cymraeg…you don’t have to

    The small county of Pembrokeshire is in the bottom, south west corner of Wales. It’s an hour off the end of the motorway and the next land after us is Ireland!

    Welsh is the national language of Wales, and we are indeed, Welsh and very proud of it. However, WE (furthest south west part of Pembrokeshire) are known as ‘Little England Beyond Wales’, as in our ‘little bit’ you’re not likely to hear Welsh spoken, and if it wasn’t for the schools, no-one here would speak it either! This is particularly true of  Milford Haven born & bred, it’s a rarity to find a welsh speaker!

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  • March……. Madness/Matness?

    Isn’t that what they say?? March is when we see the weather changing to Spring and the clocks going forward for summertime.

    The origins of the saying

    Where on earth did that saying come from? Well, here’s a spoiler-you may be disappointed! I thought I would research it, thinking it may have had some historic origin, inspiring the Mad Hatter stories etc, but no! It started life in Illinois in a high school in the early 1900s. Then the phrase was used by a broadcaster of a basket ball game. The phrase was later applied to be trademarked by the IHSA(Illinois High School Association) and in 1996 the IHSA and the NCAA went to court over the phrase and ended with them agreeing on a dual use trademark. So, as it’s a trademarked phrase-does that mean I can’t use it here??? OOOO!!! worrying! I’ve just checked, and I’m not sure I can! So, I’ve altered the title slightly, just in case! I don’t think I can afford an American lawsuit!

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  • Picnic Lunch in the garden

    Picnic Lunch

    Fancy a Picnic Lunch? I know I do! And I don’t mean the types that are full of processed sandwiches and general rubbish, I mean a real Picnic Lunch-full of homemade and local produce. Sandwiches made from homemade bread, with fillings that have been home produced or locally sourced, good quality crisps and great tasting treats to make you feel spoilt!

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  • Supper Platter

    Stay in, relax and enjoy a Supper Platter

    After having travelled a long way, I know the last thing I want to do is go back out again! We are lucky to be situated in a totally uncommercialised village, which is fabulous for relaxing, chilling and just kicking back, and it does come with it’s compromises, for instance, we are very limited as to where to go for food if you don’t want to drive!

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  • Business Guest

    Business Guest?

    As a Business Guest, you have slightly different needs to that of a leisure guest.We’re here for you if you are staying with us for business reasons, whether that’s on your own on a business trip or whether you’ve taken your partner away for a romantic break, and you still have to keep in touch with your business.


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  • Low Carb Tiramisu

    Low Carb Tiramisu at Fields Lodge

    Want a Low Carb, sugar free, wheat free Tiramisu??

    I love a pudding and that’s what I struggle with on my sugar free, wheat free,  low carb food journey! I have recently asked Ellen Picton at Healthaspire on Milford Marina to come up with a recipe for me, to make a low carb version. Ellen has given me lots of recipes and ideas over the years and we are certified by her as a Nutritional Provider and can be found on her Gluten Free listings.

    So, here’s the recipe that can now be found at Fields Lodge!

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  • Celebrate Roamnce

    Christmas Shopping in Pembrokeshire

    Christmas Shopping-don’t you just love it??? I know many people like to go to the big cities and then just as many like to shop online, but I really do love visiting the more unusual, boutique type shops that you can find aplenty in Pembrokeshire.  My favourite go-to towns and villages are, Milford Haven, Narberth, Solva and St Davids. And that’s not to say you won’t find great shops in other towns, these are my first calls! Read on to discover what you can find in Pembrokeshire.

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  • Breakfast

    Breakfast Trends

    Having run Fields Lodge as a Boutique Bed and Breakfast for over 6 years now, I have a certain level of knowledge as to what ‘people’ like for breakfast. And being independently judged over the years and consistently winning Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast, I have found, through my own journey towards sugar free, gluten free, low carb that my own tastes have altered and this has driven me towards putting alternative options onto the menu, as it’s what I would like to eat!

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  • Sugar Free Homemade brown sauce

    Homemade, Sugar Free Fruity Brown Sauce

    Love your HP/ Fruity Brown Sauce?


    Looking for a sugar free brown sauce recipe to make some at home? I am a HP sauce fan! In fact, instead of asking ‘do you like HP sauce with your breakfast?’, it may be more appropriate to ask ‘would you like breakfast with your HP Sauce?’! And, I really do not enjoy a cooked breakfast without it. So, as part of my quest to reduce my intake of refined sugar and also to KNOW what I am eating, I have been researching a recipe that might replicate it. So far, I have tried quite a few different options, and, for the moment have settled on the one I am currently using in the B&B, for both myself and our lovely Fields Lodge guests. I shall give you the recipe that’s working for me below.

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Skomer Puffin

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