• Low Carb Tiramisu

    Low Carb Tiramisu at Fields Lodge

    Want a Low Carb, sugar free, wheat free Tiramisu??

    I love a pudding and that’s what I struggle with on my sugar free, wheat free,  low carb food journey! I have recently asked Ellen Picton at Healthaspire on Milford Marina to come up with a recipe for me, to make a low carb version. Ellen has given me lots of recipes and ideas over the years and we are certified by her as a Nutritional Provider and can be found on her Gluten Free listings.

    So, here’s the recipe that can now be found at Fields Lodge!

    Low Carb, sugar free, wheat free ‘Tiramisu’

    Make chocolate sponge as follows
    150g ground almonds
    75g butter
    35g xylitol
    1 egg
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    2 squares dark chocolate grated
    Place into a Pyrex dish and cook in microwave for 2 minutes. Check if cooked with a knife into the middle and if not, do another 30 seconds at a time then leave to cool.
    Make cream mixture by combing
    1 tub mascarpone
    100ml double cream
    A few TBS of coffee liqueur or make a small black coffee with 1 tsp xylitol and
    1 vanilla use 3 TBS.
    Cut up sponge mixture and place in bottom of a glass and drizzle with melted chocolate then layer up with cream mixture.
    Top with a coffee truffle or grated/ cut dark chocolate!
    Low Carb Tiramisu
    The start of Low Carb Tiramisu, a piece of sponge with drizzled dark chocolate
    Low Carb Tiramisu
    A nearly completed Low Carb Tiramisu


    That’s Ellen’s recipe, you can find out more about Healthaspire by clicking here and also get yourself some of her yummy Trwffls by clicking here

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