• When to visit Pembrokeshire?

    When to visit Pembrokeshire?

    Well, that’s a question.

    I love the seasons, I love to see the changes and I look forward to certain things happening at certain times of the year.

    As I write this(February) I have already enjoyed watching the first snowdrops appear-there are certain places in Pembrokeshire where you will have a wall of snowdrops and I do love to go visit these.

    Winter is finishing

    Every day at the moment brings more daffodils out in readiness for St Davids Day. Here at Fields Lodge Boutique B&B, our daffodils are always later, as are most of the plants and trees in our garden due to us being so high and  the winds we catch, we also do catch the sea salted air from the sea too. All these things make for us to be about 2 weeks behind the rest of Pembrokeshire.

    It’s easier, maybe to give the quarters of the year and what I like about them


    We’ve passed the shortest day now and so I enjoy watching the nights pull out. In these months you can beaches to yourself, walk the coast path and not see a soul. Trek up the Preseli mountains, which are bereft of sheep now, as they’ve all been pulled down onto lower ground. Get a clear day in these months and you can see over to Pembroke and up to Cardigan-fantastic views! Or, on a blowy day, I do love a walk around St Ann’s Head-guaranteed to blow the cobwebs away!

    Here is when you get the first snowdrops. daffodils and primroses, all promising the spring that is just around the corner.

    In these months we have St Dwynwens Day (Welsh Valentine’s Day), Valentines Day, St Davids Day and Fields Lodge Birthday Anniversary and of course, my Birthday!

    So lots to celebrate and lots of reasons to come visit.

    A beach to yourself is my favourite though-such a treat.


    Puffin Season!

    Need I Say more??

    If you don’t know what I mean then read all about it here.

    Plus, June is the time for Pembrokeshire Fish Festival and the opening event on Milford Waterfront-always a good day and week.

    It gets busier now as the draw of the puffins encourages visitors into Pembrokeshire. It’s no where near as busy as Cornwall though, so don’t get the wrong idea.

    ‘Like Cornwall but without the people’ is what a lot of visitors say about their visit!

    Now, we have good weather and longer days and all the flowers are coming out in the garden too


    Typical Beach weather and paddling, exploring, wild swimming and all things outdoors. BBQs and picnics, sunset watching, sunrise watching too!

    We’re into the season for festivals and there is one at least once per month at Milford Waterfront on Milford Marina, always guaranteed to be a great day.


    A great time when again you’ll have a beach to yourself. A country walk, a pub lunch to enjoy. This is a time more about taking it slow, enjoying the time, no rush. A lazy breakfast, a nice walk around a headland, a coffee somewhere, a bit of retailing therapy maybe, a gallery.

    Visit the fabulous bespoke shops and boutiques we have in Pembrokeshire. Get ahead with your Christmas Shopping as you’ll find gifts here you won’t see in the run of the mill stores that are in every big city. We have a huge population of artists in Pembrokeshire, and visiting the Waterfront Gallery on Milford Marina(to name just one) will provide you with an never ending source of inspiration for gifts and presents.

    Did you know that Wales operates a scheme to help you buy works of art-head to Pure Art art gallery on Milford Marina and they will give you all the details if you’d like to take a piece of art home with you.

    Within these months we’ve got Bonfire Night and to watch the fireworks exploding over the Milford Waterway is a truly fabulous sight. You could catch the Poppy Day parade and pretty much once Poppy Day has gone, you’ll find all the Christmas window displays appear, so a wander around Milford Marina at night is a wonderful walk, especially if finished off with a meal in Martha’s Vineyard, or one of the other lovely eateries.

    So, what a choice.

    I suggest you come once every quarter, that way you can get the most out of Pembrokeshire!

    The choice is yours.

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    ‘we loved sitting in the lounge, watching a film, with a glass of wine and wrapping our Christmas presents’ John & Liz

    Jayne @ Fields Lodge
    Jayne @ Fields Lodge






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