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    We’re Eight Years Old!

    Eight Years Old!

    Would you believe it?

    On February 1st we will have been welcoming our lovely guests for 8 years!

    We opened a little later than planned-the original date was 1st October, but building issues resulting in us delaying until February.

    And ‘why’ did we open, I hear you say??

    Why did we Open

    Well, I had been given the chance of voluntary redundancy, which I was keen to take, and after many years in a corporate world, decided I would like to work for myself.

    I spent a while contemplating what I would like to do but comments from friends over the years kept coming back to me;

    ‘you should open a B&B’, ‘you’re a really great cook, you should feed people’, ‘you like hosting parties, you should do this more often’

    And so, after a nice break, we set about the building work to turn ‘home’ into a bed and breakfast. I was keen to offer all the things I felt I needed when I was travelling for my work. from all the away stays I had over the years, I came to realise what you should and shouldn’t have in a bed and breakfast. I also knew I didn’t want to be the old perceived idea of a bed & breakfast.

    My personal dislike from my travels was having to sit down with strangers around one table to eat altogether for breakfast, and I hated having to say ‘hello’ each time I came in and out of the B&B by passing the owners lounge. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a sociable, friendly person and I’m very happy to have a chat, but I don’t like the kind of forced togetherness, that’s not me at all. So, I made sure that our guests have their own entrance and lounge and at breakfast, each room has it’s own table, so you can happily say ‘good morning’ and should you choose, you can carry on and have a chat, but if all you want to do is say ‘good morning’ then that’s all you need to do!

    So, after eight years, which doesn’t feel like eight at all, we are still happily welcoming guests, and pleased to say that our lovely guests love it, as we get great reviews and are still successful at winning awards! This past year we were a  Regional Winner for Welsh Bed & Breakfast of the Year and Rhiannon, one of our lovely angels was a Finalist in Room Attendant of the Year-praise indeed!

    An Offer To Celebrate

    To celebrate our anniversary, we have arranged a great 3 Reasons to stay this Winter Celebration Offer, you wouldn’t want to miss this one and our 8th Anniversary is one of the reasons, click the image below to find out about the other two!

    Click here to view our Winter Celebration Offer
    Click here to view our Winter Celebration Offer