• Supper Platter

    Stay in, relax and enjoy a Supper Platter

    After having travelled a long way, I know the last thing I want to do is go back out again! We are lucky to be situated in a totally uncommercialised village, which is fabulous for relaxing, chilling and just kicking back, and it does come with it’s compromises, for instance, we are very limited as to where to go for food if you don’t want to drive!

    Enjoy a Supper Platter and stay in!

    So, to alleviate that issue, and to let you just enjoy from the minute you get here, why not order a Sharing Supper Platter and just kick back and chill without going back out again?

    We offer a Meat & Cheese Sharing platter that includes lots of Welsh and homemade treats, and no 2 platters are the same. They are sourced individually and so will be what’s available on the day.

    Supper Platter
    Supper Platter

    They will usually always include; a few different types of charcuterie meats, a few different types of cheeses, crackers, breads, olives & pickles, tortilla chips, hummus, salad and crudities- all prepared fresh for you.

    We normally make these up in the day, wrap them well and then pop them in the fridge in the Dining Room so that you can help yourself whenever you are ready to enjoy!

    Garden Supper Platter
    Garden Supper Platter

    And we are delighted to offer, as part of the package, a gorgeous (handpicked by our very own wine expert) bottle of wine to match exactly the supper platter !

    Feel free to enjoy the platter in the Dining Room or cosy down in the lounge, if it’s nice, why not enjoy the garden or if you’d like some alone time, then enjoy it in your own room-wherever you like to choose is fine with us.

    Then, when you’ve finished, either pop it back in the fridge, if you still have elements you’d like to pick at later, or if it’s totally done, then just leave it on the sideboard in the Dining Room and we’ll clear it all away later!


    To order a Supper Platter, either add it into your booking, when you make the booking, or email me at info@fieldslodge.co.uk