• Seal Pup Spotting

    Seal Pup Spotting

    Skomer Seals!

    So, the Puffins have now left Skomer Island, and that now means they are now replaced by the seal pups!
    Don’t you just love a seal? They’re sooo cute! How can you fail to not feel joy when you see a seal-even in a photo, never mind if you get to see them swimming in the water.

    We are so lucky to be situated in seal pupping central. The breeding seals love the pebble beaches we have surrounding us here in this south west corner of Pembrokeshire, which is home to around 5000 Atlantic Grey seals, and seal pups can be see readily from September to December on the shores that are readily accessible from Fields Lodge.


    Good Places to Spot Seals

    For seal spotting here, good spots are Martin’s Haven and Deer Park.

    At Deer Park, on one visit, I counted 13 seal pups of various ages having a great chill time. And here, you are up high on the cliffs and you look down on the beaches, which is great, as you can have a good look for as long as you like, and you are far enough away from them not to frighten them or stress them in any way.

    There are quite often seal pups right on Martins Haven too, do please take care here though, as it is possible to be tempted to go up really close, as you can, but please—resist. The seal pups can get really stressed and it really is not good for them to be bombarded by humans, so by all means do watch but from afar! Plus, it may scare the Mum into deserting her pup.

    Skomer Island Seals

    On Skomer Island itself, if you hit the low tide at the right time, at Garland Stone right on the tip of Skomer Island, you can often see many seals basking on the rocks. At high tide, most of these rocks are covered by water and so you are unlikely to see so many.

    Garlland Stone
    Garland Stone
    From the Sea?

    If you’d like to see the seals from the sea, then many of the Boat trips available can also take you to the even more remote pebble beaches. Boat trips that go from St David’s around to Ramsey Island can include some very heavily populated seal beaches. Seals are such nosey creatures that if you are in a boat, or on a kayak, or even diving, they will want to come and interact and say hello!


    So, now is the time to come visit Pembrokeshire and see what else you can find!




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    Jayne @ Fields Lodge
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