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    Room Attendant of The Year

    Room Attendant of the Year!!! How fantastic is that??

    In the Finals

    Our lovely Rhiannon, one of my team of ‘angels’ has been shortlisted as one of only 6 finalists for this prestigious award. Out of all the hospitality businesses in the UK, when you think how many that would be-there’s over a 1000 in Pembrokeshire alone!  She has been  chosen and is now  in the final 6. This is SOME achievement. To say we are proud is an understatement!

    The Team at Fields Lodge
    Ollie and his girls! Some of the Fields Lodge ‘angels’

    How the nomination works

    Mitre Linen is the company that are sponsoring the award and they have a panel of judges who will be making the final decision. The judging of the final 6 is to take place in October, and so we are now waiting with baited breath to see the final results.

    Me, I have already envisaged Rhiannon accepting her award, and so, she must now have it!! Here’s a photo from us accepting the award for Bed and Breakfast of the Year, just to help you imagine it!

    Bed and Breakfast of the year
    Bed and Breakfast of the Year

    For the nomination, I had to take photos of a room before Rhiannon had gone into clean it and then again after she had finished. Rhiannon did not know I had nominated her, and so, I had to do the photography when she wasn’t looking, which was quite hard, as we work in quite a small environment.

    I then explained why I thought she should be recognised. It’s hard to know exactly what to say, as I am sure everyone who was entered were scrupulous with their cleaning, and so to state this I felt, was too obvious. So, I thought about all the ways Rhiannon helps our guests feel at home, loved and welcome and gave the judges examples of this.

    It must have worked as Rhiannon is now one of only 6 people in the UK to be a Finalist for Room Attendant of the Year.

    It’s great news as the Tenby Observer, one of our local newspapers has picked up on the story!

    Mitre Linen Sponsors

    Mitre Linen who are the people that are sponsoring the award are a hospitality products company and we have used them in the past for our bedding, towels, guest bathrobes and slippers and the like. They offer great quality products, which is why we have chosen them in the past.

    So, all there is to do now, is to positively imagine Rhiannon picking up her award and bringing it back to Pembrokeshire, and then my next post will be telling you all about her big win!

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