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    Pembrokeshire Fish Week, June 24th

    June 24th sees the start of  Pembrokeshire Fish Week, a festival that is held in different locations and celebrated all over the county.

    There are many different events and they can all be viewed here, and here at the official site

    You can normally access lots of information through Pembrokeshire County Council site, there is a page dedicated to Fish Week but it doesn’t seem to be working whilst I am writing this page!

    here at the B&B we are profiling a different fish dish each day, obviously using the Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company’s lovely wares. I do love everything they do! If you’d like to sample some of their fresh produce, you can always find them in the beach shack at Freshwater West. And here is where you can find out all about the lovely people: Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company

    Pembrokeshire Fish Week welshmans Caviar
    Pembrokeshire Fish Week welshmans Caviar

    A big event is taking part in Lawrenny, click here

    To see what specifically is on at Milford Marina and Docks, click here and here

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