• National B&B Week, Celebration Event

    Mr Paul Davies Welsh Assembly Member in Attendance

    We hosted Mr Paul Davies, Assembly Member for Wales and other dignitaries at a Breakfast Celebration Event here today (Monday 18th March 2019) to start the week off for National B&B Week. We were very honoured to be chosen by Mr Davies to show his support of B&Bs UK wide and the contribution they make to the local and wider economy and community.

    A Celebration

    To celebrate the collaboration between B&Bs and their wider partners, we also invited some of our partners in business, shops we send guests to, florists we order flowers from, artisan chocolatiers that supply our special chocolates, welsh cake makers, the theatre guests spend many a lovely night in, together with the Mayor and local dignitaries. Here’s an Infographic I created to highlight the effect of a small B&B on the community and economy.

    B&B Impact on Community
    B&B Impact on Community


    There’s no getting away from it, we are a ‘small’ B&B, and so to host so many at a ‘sit-down’ breakfast was impossible, and it was important for me to ensure that everyone celebrating with us enjoyed and sampled our Multi-Award Winning Breakfast. So, to ensure that happened, we created a walking breakfast experience!

    My lovely team walked for miles this morning, carrying plates of different types of food, to ‘walk’ our guests through a Fields Lodge Breakfast Experience.

    Our Walking Breakfast Experience

    We started off with freshly pressed juice: one carrot & lemon Morning Zinger and one Green, get your 5 a day in one go. My advice was, have the green one first and then follow with the carrot. The green one could be considered a ‘marmite’ type juice, but the carrot one has universal praise!

    Followed by a Homemade Granola Sundae-everything homemade and so yummy with fresh fruit

    Granola Sundaes
    Granola Sundaes

    Next few courses were a tasting menu of some dishes, somewhat deconstructed to facilitate finger food eating!

    Welsh Rarebit

    Deconstructed Cooked Breakfast

    Vegetable Morning Frittata

    Sausage & Bacon Frittata

    Glamorgan Sausages

    Gluten Free Options

    Followed by the sweet selection:

    Welsh Cakes & Bara Brith

    Trwffl chocolates

    Homemade Celebration Cake

    All washed down with copious amounts of tea & coffee!

    In the run up to the event, I was interviewed by Pure West Radio and they also attended the event. You can catch up on what went on with them here.

    Lovely welcome by the team at Fields Lodge this morning to celebrate the start of National B&B week

    Posted by Pure West Radio on Monday, 18 March 2019

    Special B&B Week Celebration Offer

    And don’t forget, if you’d like to join in the celebrations of National B&B Week, I have a great offer for any bookings made during this week–check out the offer here

    One of our event attendees said: ‘fabulous breakfast, no wonder you have held the title Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast for 6 years’

    Here’s me with Mr Paul Davies, AM.

    Paul Davies AM National BB Week
    Paul Davies AM National BB Week







    Listen in to part 2 of my interview on Pure West Radio with the lovely Stephanie-Jayne

    Mercury Newspaper Article
    Mercury Newspaper Article







    You can read the Mercury Newspaper Article here:



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