• Getting a Good Nights sleep

    How to get a good night’s sleep

    How to get a good Night’s Sleep

    Bed and Breakfast…the two things you have to excel at, if you’re looking to run a successful establishment and create a great ambience for your guests. Sleep has so many repercussions into daily life, it’s a massively important topic for me.

    The importance of Sleep

    So, what’s my take on the importance of sleep…

    Having spent a vast amount of time in my previous career travelling and therefore spending many nights in strange beds, I am a keen advocate of getting a good nights sleep.
    And why is this? Well, years ago I noticed quite starkly how a poor night’s sleep impacted on my performance, behaviour and appetite during the following day. This is way before the internet and social media came on the scene. Just saying that is weird now though—can you imagine the world without those two things now??
    Anyway, before the vast amount of information now available to us to advise us how important a good nights sleep is, I had worked it out for myself!

    How I learnt what created a good nights sleep

    In my previous career in Banking, I stayed away for many nights of the week. Various cups of tea, biscuits, Mars bars or similar before I could ‘get going’ in the morning, following a poor night in a bed I had only landed in the day before caused havoc with my waistline (still an ongoing issue, I might add!)

    So, on setting up Fields Lodge Bed & Breakfast, it was vitally important to me to get a really great bed in place for my guests.

    Ideally stay 2 nights minimum in the same bed

    Personally, I don’t like only spending one night in a bed, I don’t find that at all restful. I learnt that 2 nights were preferable to my wellbeing.

    I admire the Coastal Path Walkers that jump B&Bs every day whilst walking. I prefer to stay 2 nights and use the Coastal buses to just take me to my end point the day before and then bring me back at the end of the day, to a bed that my body has at least a small memory of.

    If you want to see how using this method of walking the Coast Path works in practice whilst staying at Fields Lodge, then CLICK HERE.

    But, to get back to a good nights sleep…

    Sleep (when your body is resting) is one of the only times that your body can send its’ armies to repair any damage caused during waking hours. Damage such as ailments, inflammation etc.

    Your body can only do this is it’s armies are not involved with any other bodily activities—such as digesting food. Hence, it is advisable to finish your last meal a minimum of 4 hours before bedtime. This then means that your body doesn’t need to be engaged with digestion issues at sleep time.

    This is also why fasting is so good for your body, as whilst your body is digesting food, it cannot work anywhere else. Fasting allows your body to heal itself. But that’s another topic!

    So, my recipe for a great nights sleep:

    A great bed

    This can be a subjective subject, I believe I have the most fabulous beds here at the B&B, 99% of guests have said so, but I would be lying if I said that everyone loved them. In the 8 years we have been open, I think 2 sets of guests have said the beds are not to their taste. So, I’m happy that for the majority I have brilliant beds. Sprung mattress with a memory top and then a further 2 types of toppers on top of that again make for a feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

    Luxurious Bed Linen

    Before I ran a B&B, I didn’t have much awareness of the different qualities of bed linen. I just used to buy whatever I liked, pattern wise, without giving much thought for thread count. Since getting involved with the various types of bed linen, I am now a fan of 400 thread count Egyptian cotton. I have tried all types, I find 1000 thread count too much like cardboard to iron to be honest!
    And once I discovered that The Ritz used 400 thread count, then I thought that’s just right for me too!
    Once you’ve slept for any length of time on 400 thread count, you will recognise anything less. It just feels quite scratchy and doesn’t make you feel enveloped in love. Try it, you’ll see!

    No electricity or phones

    This is very definitely a personal one for me. I don’t have anything electric on whilst I’m sleeping, if I can help it. Of course, I have to have an alarm clock to get me up in time to do breakfasts!
    I definitely do not have a phone in the bedroom however.
    I do my best to stay away from any sort of technology for an hour before bed to help my brain re-set ready for sleep.

    Lavender Baths

    I’m a real fan of an Epsom Salts Bath with a few drops of organic Lavender Oil—I prefer to use the oil I obtain from our toiletries supplier as they are ethical, organic and pure aromatherapy.
    Plenty of evidence around to show how good a salt, lavender bath is for you for relaxing and setting you in the right frame for sleep.
    And if you can’t have a bath, then a few drops of lavender oil on a shower daisy or use some organic Lavender soap( like we sell here) for your body wash, will do a similar thing for you.

    Giving Thanks

    I do like to spend some time giving thanks for my day.
    Many years ago when I was in banking, I struggled massively to find anything to be thankful for at a workshop I was taking part in. That made me realise that something wasn’t right in my employment then!
    Thankfully, these days I can rattle off many, many things to be grateful for!


    Plan tomorrow


    If you plan what tomorrow is going to look like before you go to sleep, you’re more likely to achieve your goals and have a positive day. Write a list of what you have to do and by doing this, you remove the ‘worry’ from your subconscious and allow it to get on with other things. You’ll start the day running and a quick look at your list will set you up for the day on wakening.


    Another personal one for me: I don’t like any heating on in the bedroom at all. If it’s really cold, then I may have a hot water bottle but I do prefer to snuggle down under my duvet in a cool room. Obviously, in the B&B, the main heating is on and guests can choose to turn off or on the heat in their room as required.

    Pillow Mist

    I do love the relaxing sensation I get when smelling Lavender, and as such, I make my own Lavender Pillow Mist. I make it myself, as I am on a quest to remove chemicals from my environment, and many commercial brands have some chemical or another added.
    As I love it so much, we provide these in the B&B also and it’s also available to buy.
    It’s always a great reviving mist to spray around your face to wake you up if you’ve been in front of a computer for a few hours.

    Supportive Pillows

    Absolutely subjective this point and I’ll leave you to work out what works for you. We use 2 pillows per person in the B&B and there’s a mix between soft and supportive.
    For me, I like a memory foam pillow-just one and it’s a well known make that has lasted me for years, so well worth the initial outlay, as the pillows in the B&B we replace every 6 months. Sleeping on a memory foam pillow is a preference and not the majorities choice I have found.
    And, for me personally, I do prefer to use silk pillowcases. Apparently they reduce wrinkles, but I think I may have left it a it too late for that!!

    So, there’s my list for a great nights sleep.

    Guaranteed to set you up for the day.

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