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    Homemade Bread-Know what you’re eating

    I love bread, homemade bread(recipe below) in particular, artisan homemade bread, even more! Unfortunately, it doesn’t like me! I have developed a wheat intolerance and find these days I’m better off staying away from it, which is a shame! I think the intolerance has come from all these years of eating wheat and gluten in so many things that I wasn’t aware of, to the extent that I was probably eating wheat at every point I was putting something into my mouth, and I think my digestion has said-that’s enough!

    Good Homemade Bread

    However, that doesn’t stop me being very positive and enthusiastic about a good loaf of bread, and on the odd occasion, I will have a slice of lovely sourdough or similar and then live to regret it for quite a while afterwards!

    Luckily, I tried and tested all our bread recipes before I discovered I should stay away and so, these days, I am happy that we are turning out great loaves of bread for our guests for their Toast and Jams, and also for the lovey packed lunches and picnic baskets we offer. There really is nothing like a freshly made, straight out of the oven, loaf of deliciousness!


    I always do like to know what we are feeding our guests, and as with pretty much everything we offer here, I try to make it as healthy as possible. I was interested the other day to look at the back of what you might perceive to be a ‘healthy’ loaf of bread on the supermarket shelf and counted 36!!!!!! ingredients!!!!! So, not believing what I saw, I turned another one over-this one had 15 ingredients-better, but still 15???? Some of the ingredients, I have to be honest, I didn’t even know what they were!

    I learnt my bread making skills from 2 fabulous ladies, where I attended their individual cookery schools and can highly recommend both.

    Angela Grey Cookery School

    Vic North BakesHomemade

    The recipe we use here, in the main, has 6, one of which is water! And, when I am making the Sourdough loaves, this bread only has 3-Flour, Salt, Water- it does make you wonder what you are eating when you buy something processed.

    Our bread is that good, that many of the team now make their own bread at home for their families, rather than buy from a shop. Plus, it’s so much more economical too!

    So, as so many of our guests really love our bread, here’s my fool proof recipe:

    Homemade Bread Making
    Homemade Bread Making

    Home Made Bread Recipe: Wholemeal Loaf

    420g strong Wholemeal Flour

    140g Strong White Flour

    10g Sea Salt

    10g Sachet of Fresh Yeast

    390g Warm Water

    20g Olive Oil

    I purposefully don’t add sugar, processed breads normally have sugar added to give them a nice crust and make them toast quickly- I’d rather have a slower toast and my crusts are always lovely, so I really don’t see the need.


    Oil your tin ready

    Pop all the ingredients into a bowl and mix until well combined into a rough dough

    Have a bowl of water to hand and splash a little on your worktop

    Knead the dough and work it well for approx. 15 mins-you should see it change to a lovely smooth stretchy dough.

    Put the dough back into the mixing bowl(I usually oil my bowl before it goes back in-makes it easier to get out next time)

    Cover with cling film or a damp clean tea towel and pop in a warm place t double in size, or about an hour

    Ideally use a dough scraper to pop the dough out onto a lightly floured work surface and gently press out the dough with your fingers

    Mould the dough to the rough size to fit your tin and pop it in, seam side down, cover again with cling film or tea towel and leave to rest again for about 20 mins.

    Using a sharp knife, slash the top of the dough (your signature cuts) and pop directly into the oven-this creates a nice crust, but DON’T spray the element, if using electric!

    Spritz the oven with a few squirts from a  water sprayer and bake for 40-55 minutes until your loaf is golden and sounds hollow when tapped on the base

    Enjoy your homemade bread warm with some lovely welsh butter and some fabulous homemade jam! Alternatively, leave to cool, ideally on a wire tray-once cooled it will be ok to cut for sandwiches.


    Oh, and now I want some!!

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    Homemade Bread
    Homemade Bread