• Walking in Winter

    Walking in Winter in Pembrokeshire is as good as pleasure as in the summertime-the coast takes on a moody veil and the weather is sure to make you feel alive. So, as long as you are well prepared, there’s no need to leave walking until the sun comes out!

    Walking in Winter Checklist

    Personally I do not advocate walking when the weather is bad-howling rain and gales, but I think there’s nothing nicer than a fresh winter morning for a walk across the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, which, just so happens to be on our doorstep. And, as it is winter, you do need to take a few extra precautions, just incase the weather does change quickly.

    Here’s my hints and tips for walking safely:

    Tell someone where you plan to walk, the route and expected time, or leave a note with the details with a friend or someone at the B&B you are staying.

    Take water and some supplies with you to keep you going- I love to stop and have a cup of tea and a little picnic wherever I am.

    Take a phone with you, even with no signal, I’m told you can make an emergency call with a mobile but please don’t rely on your phone as a GPS, the signal on the coast path is not good enough for that!

    Take a map, so you can always identify where you are/going

    Take a Coast path book that talks you through the section you are walking, photocopy the relevant pages, if you do not want to take the whole book. Many interesting facts are in these books about the history and geology of the area, together with a  mention of the odd pub, which is always welcome!

    Layer up your clothes so you can add or take away as the weather dictates, make sure your last layer is a waterproof one

    Wear good, waterproof boots-although it may not be raining when you are walking, if there’s been rain recently,  then there will be parts of the path that are going to be quite muddy.

    Have a good breakfast before you go-get plenty of energy fuel inside of you, maybe take a breakfast bar or energy ball with you (I serve these on the breakfast buffet here)

    For more information on walking click here




Skomer Puffin

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