• Skomer Island- What’s on the island

    What’s on Skomer?


    There is nothing on Skomer as far as cafes, restaurants are concerned. You can buy small bottle water at the starting point and again at the Farmhouse in the middle of the island but that’s it. So, you need to bring with you whatever you would like to eat for the day. You are usually on the island for 5 hours.

    No Shelter

    There is no shelter or shade on the island, there’s no trees, so do bring sunscreen and a hat. The effect of the sun (even on a cloudy day) bouncing off the sea and the sea breeze, usually means we often have guests arriving home quite red. There is some shade at the Farmhouse in the middle of the island but that’s it.

    Do bring plenty of water and also enough food to keep you going for the day. It’s surprising how your appetite increases when you are around sea air and sea breeze. We will make you a fabulous packed lunch with enough in it to last you the whole day-fresh homemade sandwich with homemade bread and lost of yummy fillings to choose from!

    At the Farmhouse, there are also composting toilets-these are the only toilets on the island.

    What shoes?

    Wear comfy and strong footwear, as it is an island, the terrain is countryside and the paths are narrow. If you walk around the island, it’s about 4 miles.

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