• Skomer Island-Arriving

    Arriving on the Island

    The boat will ferry you to the set down point on the island. Depending on whether the tide is low or high, will dictate how many steps you will have to climb. Once you’re at the top, the island is pretty flat, but to get up to the top there are quite a few steps to negotiate.

    Once you’re at the top, you will be met by the Warden who will give you a chat about the island, tell you the most recent sightings and instruct you on how to walk safely through the puffin burrows. My preference for walking around Skomer is to walk anti-clockwise around the island. This way, as you turn each corner you get to see more and more puffins. If you go clockwise, then you have quite a walk before you see any puffins, and it’s the puffins we’re all here to see!

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