• Picnic Lunch

    Fancy a Picnic Lunch? I know I do! And I don’t mean the types that are full of processed sandwiches and general rubbish, I mean a real Picnic Lunch-full of homemade and local produce. Sandwiches made from homemade bread, with fillings that have been home produced or locally sourced, good quality crisps and great tasting treats to make you feel spoilt!

    Enjoy a Picnic Lunch no matter what you’re doing!

    Whether you are walking the Coast Path, visiting Skomer, having a working day or just fancy taking something with you on your travels, our Picnic Lunch will make your day.

    Picnic Lunch
    Picnic Lunch

    Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

    Our Picnic Lunches are pretty heavy duty and have enough to keep you sustained for the whole day. The contents will vary but as a rule they will include;

    1. One handmade sandwich made with our own homemade bread with a filling of usually either;

    a) Home cooked Ham & Welsh Cheese with mayonnaise

    b) Tuna & Cucumber with mayonnaise

    c) Welsh Cheese Ploughmans

    Of course, with advance notice, as always we can cater for most dietary requirements.

    2. A good quality packet of crisps, with minimal ingredients and minimal processing(better for you)

    3. Welsh Cakes (your pudding!)

    4. A nut & seed Bar

    5. A drink-water or a juice drink

    6. A selection of nuts, seeds & fruit

    We make the picnic lunches with health in mind and like to make sure that you are getting a good dose of vitamins and minerals in everything we provide. It really makes you feel satisfied, helps sustain you and keeps hunger at bay.

    Picnic Lunches are £8.50 per person and are available by pre-order.

    Order your Picnic Lunch today by emailing us at info@fieldslodge.co.uk




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