• Photo Competition

    Photo Competition

    Have you been missing your trip to Pembrokeshire?


    I know I have had many guests contact me and say that they are missing their trip this year due to the lockdown restrictions.

    And that got me thinking

    Pembrokeshire Photos

    Now, I have plenty of Pembrokeshire photos I could share but I wanted to do something that would get people involved, enjoy looking through their phones and hard drives


    And so, I thought I would start a Photo Competition to collate as many photos of Pembrokeshire as I could from all over, which would mean we would get a varied and interesting mix


    And what better way to get as many pics as possible…..run a competition


    The prize… a free nights stay at Fields Lodge Boutique B&B

    Rachel from Pembrokeshire Photography

    Whilst the competition was running, I interviewed professional photographer Rachel Mullet from Pembrokeshire Moments to get some pro hints & tips from her.




    So, run forward a few weeks and we have now had the competition and also the winner has been declared.


    I was so lucky not to have been required to judge…it would have been a hard job.

    Thankfully, the lovely people of Facebook made the decision for me.

    The Winner

    Check out my ‘amateur’ video of the entries here, watch this space for the professional version, coming soon!

    And, if you can’t see it on Facebook, as you’re not in Facebook-then click this link to see it here on You Tube!

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    ‘so many lovely photos, congratulation to the winner, can’t wait to come and stay, once we can’ Mike, Shrewsbury

    Happy watching,


    Jayne @ Fields Lodge
    Jayne @ Fields Lodge


Skomer Puffin

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