• Broad Haven Pembrokeshire Triathlon

    Pembrokeshire Triathlon

    Pembrokeshire Triathlon is on 24th June, based at Broad Haven. It is a swim, bike and run event and at the moment, the weather is looking good for it!

    These types of activities are growing in popularity in Pembrokeshire, where we have great seas and great coast, which can be both challenging and stunning, and with the warmth of the local people you will always feel supported, even by strangers!

    June 24th 2016

    Next weekend sees Pembrokeshire Triathlon, based at Broad Haven and is a growing event each year. It is held across the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and will be an interesting event to view for the many walkers that are choosing to walk the path at this time of year. It is well supported by local businesses as well as the council and park authority and is sure to be a crowd puller, so why not venture down to Broad Haven next week to enjoy the spectacle!

    We are lucky to have hosted quite a few athletes over the years and are well used to organising great diets and early breakfasts to accommodate the required training regime. For me personally, I’m not a great fan of carb loading and I have been following with interest some ‘fat adapted’ athletes and I do wonder if this is the way forward, it does seem as though you don’t hit ‘the wall’ when you are fat adapted, as opposed to being card loaded. From what I’m reading, it makes sense to me. I’m quite (very) carb sensitive and can feel like I’m coming down with flu if I have too many carbs, and I do get quite grouchy after a heavy pasta meal!! Hence, I tend to steer clear!

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