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    Pembrokeshire Coast a lovely video

    Pembrokeshire Coast

    Here’s a lovely video of Pembrokeshire and the Pembrokeshire Coast. It’s a reminder of lovely sunny days, just to brighten up a winter’s day (as today is!).

    My favourite beaches to visit on the Pembrokeshire Coast are:
    Sandy Haven (on our doorstep)

    Broad Haven (Ollie loves it there, and I like to get a coffee!)

    Newgale (that’s one to blow away the cobwebs, great for Christmas Day afternoon)
    St Brides (lovely views across the bay and where all the ships wait for entry into the harbour)

    Marloes (scene of Hollywood Blockbuster movies and of where I fell, holding Ollie dog,  into a massive rockpool whilst trying to avoid being cut off by an incoming tide! A shout out to Dubarry Coats though, as although I landed straight in, on my side, the coat was waterproof enough not to let the ‘coat’ part of me get wet. I can’t say the same for Marks & Sparks jeans though!)

    Enjoy the watch and do make a booking for 2017 whilst we’re still on 2016 rates!

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