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    National Botanical Gardens of Wales

    I am delighted to announce that I have partnered with the National Botanical Gardens of Wales for a ‘Buy one, get one free’ entry to this fabulous garden attraction for my guests.  This means that when you stay with us here at Fields Lodge, we can arrange this lovely bonus for you!

    The National Botanical Gardens of Wales is an easy drive from us. Ideally, if you are coming from the east, you can visit it on the way to us or in fact, on the way home if you do not want to take the drive (about 45 minutes) whilst you are on your stay here. If you want to visit on the way to us, then just let us know and I can pop the voucher in the post to you.

    It is a visitor attraction and also a centre for botanical research and much is done to attract visitors and keep the gardens vibrant and growing.


    The garden is a great place to visit, with a large array of different thigs to do, there is a Bee Garden and an apothecary garden to name just a few. There is a vast Glasshouse and events are organised on a regular basis. The recent ones enjoyed have been Charcoal making, a guided tour of the glasshouse and a storytelling event together with an event detailing the history of the garden. They even had a doggie day recently! if you time your visit right, they may even have a craft and local producer fayre-you can then enjoy a lot of what Wales has to offer.

    And a few choices for eating and shopping too! It’s a great place to buy momentoes and gifts to take home to family and friends-lots of welsh produce and products to choose from.

    The Garden is just outside Carmarthen-heading back east, it’s post code, for your SatNav is SA32 8HN

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