• Multi Award Winning

    Multi-Award Winning

    I went to a roadshow a while ago, organised by Visit Wales. It was an event where the good and great of the Tourism Industry were present, lots a great businesses and producers for us to meet and inspirational speakers.

    One of the speakers, started their segment with …’Multi-award winning, that’s what all businesses strive to be able to say’…….

    And I thought…..THAT’S US!

    Award Winning Breakfasts

    We have been the recipient of many awards over the time we have been open. We have won Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast many, many times and have some of the most fantastic award trophies on our windowsills to proudly show to our guests. This, award I think has always been the most sought after, as this is a ‘Masterchef’ type crossed with Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmare’s type competition, where you prepare breakfast for the judges, the last time I did this, it was three judges. And basically, you cook all of your breakfast menu for them, you lay the buffet out and you serve them as though they are guests and then you wait for the feedback!

    So, because this is actually what you do, as you do it, when you do it, I feel the award is well deserved, as it is completely judged on how it is.

    Over the years, we have re-vamped our breakfast menu, as tastes change and so does food fashion-avocado is now a very popular breakfast ingredient, practically only known with prawns and marie rose sauce when we first opened! So, you do have to keep up, Free From is huge now and over the last months, Vegan is becoming more and more popular.

    And, why are we multi award winning? Well, I’m sure it’s a combination of; we are passionate about food, the provenance of food, local and organic wherever possible. We make as much ourselves as we can, we don’t like processed food, preservatives and flavourings. We taste everything and no recipe is approved until we all like it. And maybe one of the strongest factors, is that we cook on our 70 year old Aga! An Aga cooks food in a much different way to that of a conventional oven, which is basically a hairdryer, blowing hot air on your food. We Love the Aga, even if on some days, it infuriates us! It very much has it’s own personality, it will be hot when it wants to be hot and it will cook for as long as it wants to cook, so treat it well and you have no issues. Misuse it slightly and you’ll have a problem to solve later! But, with our guests forbearance, we have learnt how to work around it, and these days, I’d like to say we have a lovely relationship with our stately Aga.

    Infact, this reminds me of a funny story…A few years ago, I was asked by a very concerned American family why I put up with such a bad member of staff after hearing stories of how sometimes a sausage can take an age to cook. They thought Aga, was a ladies name and that I was putting uo with a very bad tempered chef!

    Welsh and Breakfast of the Year

    Of course, it’s not just the breakfast awards we’ve won, we’ve been so lucky to be the recipient of Welsh Bed & Breakfast of the Year and Best Serviced Accommodation, Best Bed & Breakfast Pembrokeshire and also we have recently been finalists in Room attendant of the year. Awards are great, as they keep you on your toes, always striving to be better than you were last year, which is a massive win/win for our lovely guests and for tourism as a whole, as once one establishments ups their game, then others around them do to. Winners all round!

    We’d love it if you’d like to come and stay and see for yourself-you can choose your room here.

    A recent guest said ‘no wonder they’ve won the award for best breakfast’