• March……. Madness/Matness?

    Isn’t that what they say?? March is when we see the weather changing to Spring and the clocks going forward for summertime.

    The origins of the saying

    Where on earth did that saying come from? Well, here’s a spoiler-you may be disappointed! I thought I would research it, thinking it may have had some historic origin, inspiring the Mad Hatter stories etc, but no! It started life in Illinois in a high school in the early 1900s. Then the phrase was used by a broadcaster of a basket ball game. The phrase was later applied to be trademarked by the IHSA(Illinois High School Association) and in 1996 the IHSA and the NCAA went to court over the phrase and ended with them agreeing on a dual use trademark. So, as it’s a trademarked phrase-does that mean I can’t use it here??? OOOO!!! worrying! I’ve just checked, and I’m not sure I can! So, I’ve altered the title slightly, just in case! I don’t think I can afford an American lawsuit!

    Anyway, the reason that title came to mind, is that, that’s what the weather has been like for the past few days. We hardly EVER get snow-the last real good dollop we had was on the night of my 18th Birthday Party in January 1982. We went into the function room-perfectly dry outside, no snow forecast, and came out about 1am to 10ft drifts of snow!! Then the latest snow I remember was just a few years ago, when we had it in April!

    We never usually get snow at the same time as anywhere else in the UK, we’re surrounded on 3 sides by sea water and so that has a huge bearing on snow, we have our own little mini-climate here.

    So, I naturally thought that March M….(I’m scared to even write it now!) had something to do with the weather being crazy! Good job I looked it up!

    March Matness

    But, it also is March Matness, which is a bit of a cult social media ‘thing’ through the pilates community, where people are on their pilates mats in poses outside/odd places.

    I have recently re-started pilates again, after battling to return my hip/leg to full working order, after it just decided to give up on the coast path a few years ago! It’s been a bit of a time, but I think years of bad posture/sitting at desks/laptop work/no warming up or cooling down will take a while to sort out!

    Here’s a picture of Beth Howes (Beth Howes Pilates), my Pilates Teacher, doing her own March Matness! Beth is a star, and doesn’t realise what she’s taken on, having me as a pupil! My horse riding instructor could share some interesting stories of trying to get me to ‘imagine’ things, like ‘grow tall, imagine someone pulling a cord up through the top of your head’….I can’t remember what I am, either left handed brain or right handed brain, but I remember Alison(my horse riding instructor) and I going off to a training day to help instructors and pupils understand each other better. It all became clear to us both then as to why we struggled (or, how Alison struggled, really!!) — I am a challenge!!!

    You can always contact Beth via the above link for a one to one assessment whilst you stay-just make sure you book it as soon as you can!

    March Snow days

    So, back to the weather we have had, I have found it’s sparked a forgotten interest in birdlife. I don’t usually sit down and do nothing, but, the snow made me do exactly that. All the guests booked in had cancelled, the snow meant I couldn’t go anywhere or even take the dog for a walk, so I took my laptop into the stables (my annexe) and started writing a ‘What to do in Pembrokeshire’, so that at least I was doing something constructive.

    I was keeping an eye on the snow falling, so I had pulled up the blinds that overlook the garden (they’re usually down, as I wouldn’t like our guests to feel they were being watched) and this then resulted in me catching glimpses of a few robins looking for some food. I felt bad for them, so I went to get some fat balls, to find I didn’t have any! What to do? I put my thinking cap on, and looked about the kitchen to see what I could use…..my homemade Breakfast Granola-full of oats/seeds/nuts/honey/fruit…perfect bird food! So, I went a-scattering infront of the patio doors and then spent quite some time watching all the goings on in the bird world. I saw my first Redwing-I had never seen one of those before and thanks to social media, I had the answer as to what it was within seconds.

    Since then, as well as the Redwings, I have witnessed Lapwings, Fieldfares as well as the more usual garden birds. The snow has abated already now, due to two days of rain, so now I have to go back to work-end of bird watching for me, but I think I will open up a Pinterest Board headed up Birds at Fields Lodge and encourage guests to post pictures of the birds they see whilst here- I mean the feathered variety of course! If you’re reading this post and have some shots of birds you’ve taken whilst here, then do send them over, I’d love to include them!

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