• Ironman Wales

    Ironman Wales, coming to Pembrokeshire

    Ironman is coming to Pembrokeshire on 10th September 2017 and promises to be another great event. It has been held in Tenby now for a number of years and is a really enjoyable day out, even if you’re not that into sports(which is me!).

    The atmosphere and comradery you will find is definitely worth getting up early to catch the park & ride which will drop you into Tenby town for the early morning swim.


    I have watched the sun rise over Tenby Harbour before the start of the swim surrounded by hundreds of people cheering on the swimmers. It really is a great day. Then, during the day, there are free buses that will shuttle you across all the different points of interest for Ironman between Tenby, Saundersfoot, the park & ride car park and anywhere inbetween. I can highly recommend visiting-do put the alarm on and get up early-it’s worth it for the sunrise! Tenby is full of ‘hwyl’ (welsh comradery, joy, fun), on Ironman day-so do go and experience it!



    A few years ago-2014, my friend Gill’s son, Neil, entered. He is an amateur competitor and did amazingly well, coming in faster than some of the professional competitors. Work commitments have prevented him from entering again, but he is off to take part in Ironman, Copenhagen in the next month or so. it will be interesting to hear how that feels in comparison to the Welsh one!

    It’s always great to know people that are competing, you spend the whole time looking out for them and shouting like crazy when you spot them. I’m told it makes a huge difference to them on their way around-so shout and cheer, even if you don’t know them!

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