• How safe are you?

    How Safe Are you?

    There is plenty of hype going on around the Corona virus at the moment, driven in no small way by the media. There are stats around showing that the ‘ordinary’ flu virus we deal with every year, still kills more than this virus does, and yet, do we go into a melt down about the flu virus each year?


    But how safe are you?

    What sort of place are you staying in?

    You put your health in the hands of strangers when you stay at a holiday accommodation, so isn’t it right you ask, how safe are you?

    How can you be sure that the bed you are in is clean?

    How can you be sure that the bathroom is spotless?

    And what about the TV remote?

    The door handles?

    You could go crazy!

    That’s where I want you to rest assured.

    We have your back. We have your health in safe hands.

    You can rest assured when you are here.


    The benefits of a Registered Accommodation

    Unlike many airbnbs or private B&Bs, being a registered accommodation provider means we are holders of the utmost highest standards.

    We are a 5 star graded Environmental Health Office Inspected premises. This means we are regularly inspected and found to be holders of excellent hygiene standards.

    We are also inspected by Visit Wales on a regular basis to ensure our offering meets their standards.

    We will keep you safe.

    I have recently covered off some interesting topics on Facebook, talking about hand sanitisers and our cleaning protocols, which you can watch here.



    World Health Organisation

    But, I think the WHO is doing a great job of reminding everyone about great hygiene and there is no harm in re-focusing on their advice.


    Check out the link below for the WHO advice:


    I particularly like their second to last point, as stress is known to reduce a body’s immune system, so right when you need your immune system to kick in, you worrying about something is exactly what could put you at risk.

    Please remember that many people will not even know they have caught the virus, as for some the effects are so minimal.

    Come and stay-beat the hype

    I know that there’s a lot of media hype about the COVID-19 virus, and we’re extremely conscious of the need to stay safe and well.

    According to the World Health Organisation’s website, the precautions are reminders of basic hygiene principles that we, and I’m sure you, observe every day.

    If you’re wondering whether travel is possible during these uncertain times, I want to reassure you that we’re being especially vigilant here at Fields Lodge,  so you can relax and enjoy your stay.

    It would be so easy for us all to shut down, stay home and worry about getting sick.

    If we all did this, just think of how many businesses would close down and the enormous numbers of people out of work.

    Coupled with the loss of human connection that we all need to live happy lives, and we’d very quickly have a very sad state of affairs

    We want to do our part to stop that from happening, and so, I want to invite you to come and stay with us, so you can create some happy memories with us, here at Fields Lodge.

    I’ve put together a special reason to come and stay, and it’s valid for any stay dates in 2020, when you make your booking before 24th March 2020 with a special discount of 10% for booking directly with us, and a little extra we’re including because we value your business, – a bottle of wine, and some special welcome appetisers.

    The only question is when will you choose to come?


    And then go here and put MARCH2020 in the code box to get the discount to apply as you book.

    ‘thank you very much, this is a real home away from home’ ……..Martin & Ofelia, Switzerland

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    I very much appreciate your business and your support through these challenging times.


    Jayne @ Fields Lodge
    Jayne @ Fields Lodge






    WHO Advice



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