• Sugar Free Homemade brown sauce

    Homemade, Sugar Free Fruity Brown Sauce

    Love your HP/ Fruity Brown Sauce?


    Looking for a sugar free brown sauce recipe to make some at home? I am a HP sauce fan! In fact, instead of asking ‘do you like HP sauce with your breakfast?’, it may be more appropriate to ask ‘would you like breakfast with your HP Sauce?’! And, I really do not enjoy a cooked breakfast without it. So, as part of my quest to reduce my intake of refined sugar and also to KNOW what I am eating, I have been researching a recipe that might replicate it. So far, I have tried quite a few different options, and, for the moment have settled on the one I am currently using in the B&B, for both myself and our lovely Fields Lodge guests. I shall give you the recipe that’s working for me below.

    How much sugar are you having?

    There is a brilliant little app called ‘Sugar Smart’, I think it may be government backed, to help us all identify how much sugar is in the processed food we buy and consume. I am pretty focused on looking at labels, but sometimes you do have to do a bit of maths in your head to calculate how much sugar will be in what you have in your hand, so this little app does it all for you. You just point it at the bar code of the item you’re thinking about having, and within a second, it’s telling you hoe much sugar in it. On some of the products, it will then also break it down to how much sugar is in a serving, so that’s good too- as long as you stick to one serving…and how many of us do that???

    Anyhow, my point being, that I think, one serving of sauce is estimated at 10grams, where, in fact, I know my serving size is bigger than that, as when I go out for breakfast and they give you those little sachets, well, on a ‘bad’ day, I will have at least 3 of those on my plate! I have to say, I can always judge the quality of the sausage by the amount of brown sauce it takes for me to eat it. A good sausage-1 sachet, a poor sausage-5 sachets!! And I do know that it’s my sugar monster wanting the sugar from the sauce, but if a girl can’t have a bit of sauce on her brekky, then, what the hell!!


    So, getting back to sauce size, in my experience, from the many, many people I have watched popping sauce onto their plate, In would say, a closer figure would be 15-20 grams at any one sitting. So, that means my friends, that whether it’s brown or red sauce, for each dollop you have, you’re having about a cube of sugar. Bearing I mind, that we shouldn’t have more than 6 according to today’s guidelines, if you add this onto an Orange Juice, some toast with marmalade or jam, then you’ve probably gone over your daily limit before you’ve got to 10 am!

    Plus, I do like to know what I’m eating, I’m not too sure about these additives that are in our processed food, so, if I can stay away from them, then that’s what I prefer!

    Spicy Fruity Brown Sauce

    So, here’s my current recipe. I would prefer to get it a bit more towards the HP traditional sauce, rather than a spicy fruity version, but this is totally acceptable to me at the moment! If any of you lovely readers play about with it and come up with a version heading more towards HP, then don’t be shy, let me know as I’d love to try it!

    Sugar free Homemade brown sauce making


    This recipe makes quite a lot(as it’s for the B&B), so maybe cut it down by half for a family

    800gr Tin Tomatoes

    1 onion chopped

    125g Dates

    2 Granny Smith apples

    75g Xylitol

    3Tbsp Rice Malt Syrup

    175g Cider Vinegar

    2 Tsp Worcester Sauce

    2 Tbsp Tamarind pulp (if you can’t get this you can make a paste with a couple of stoned date with some vinegar or lemon or lime juice added, although this is now starting to appear in the main supermarkets I’ve noticed)

    3 Tsp Mustard Powder

    Pinch Himalayan Salt

    1 Tsp Cayenne pepper

    1/2 Tsp Cinnamon

    1 Tsp Paprika


    This is my base recipe, then depending on the taste, I have been known to add

    4 Cloves

    4 Peppercorns

    pinch Turmeric

    pinch Coriander

    1 Tsp ground ginger


    Heat some oil, I use either Olive oil or coconut oil and saute the onion until soft but not brown

    Add the remaining ingredients except salt and cook for 1 hour on a simmer, stirring occasionally

    Blend all the ingredients and season to taste with salt

    If you want it really smooth, then pass through a sieve.

    Store in sterilised bottles and store in the fridge.

    It also freezes really well, so I tend to bag some up in great little sauce bags I get from Lakeland and pop them in the freezer.

    I hope you enjoy trying it. Do let me know

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