• Coronavirus-what we are doing to keep you safe

    We are now coming out of lockdown ans are opening our doors to guests this weekend

    Breakfast in Bed!

    At the moment, here in the B&B, we are offering the luxury of an in-room Breakfast experience, as, in Wales, we currently cannot open our communal rooms.

    What a delight! To have breakfast in bed with no additional service charges!

    Staff Meeting

    We have had a staff meeting (socially distant of course) – I even marked out the spots the girls could sit, and each enjoyed an Afternoon Tea prepared by the lovely people at the Welsh Bakery in Milford Haven, again, this was served in individual portions

    In the meeting I took the girls through all the new protocols for room cleaning and the precautions we are taking to ensure safety for all.

    We have researched and bought in some great products to keep us all(guests and staff) safe and feeling secure

    We have drawn up new cleaning protocols and are following to the letter the guidance given by Visit Wales and the World Health Organisation

    We have hand sanitiser bottles freely about the place

    We have markers on the floor, as here in Wales, we still at 2m social distancing and no inside dining

    We do have to wear face masks on public transport but we don’t (as at 29/7/2020) have to wear facemasks whilst shopping…check up to date guidelines though before you travel

    Condiment Sachets 🙁

    We are having to change a lot about how we work- I hate condiment sachets, but in the interim, we are going to have to use them!

    We HAD spent the last few years reducing our plastic waste, and now, to follow protocols, we have had to re-introduce a lot back in-individual bottles, wraps on glasses, wipes, disposable cloths…

    We are adopting a double cleaning regime and to keep everyone safe this will happen once all the guests have left and we are being SUPER careful and so cleaning is taking treble the amount of time

    So, a lot of this does hurt, financially and in my heart,  as I can’t make it as lovely as we used to–we can’t leave out a dish of yummy sweets for you to pick at, as an example

    BUT, I’m determined you will still have a fabulous stay and that you will take home some fantastic memories of your stay ‘post lockdown’, so fear not….come join us!

    We look forward to welcoming you soon,

    Jayne & Team Angels

    The Team at Fields Lodge
    Ollie and his girls! Some of the Fields Lodge ‘angels’


    Find out more about what we’re doing


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