• Fields Lodge Signature Drink

    Busy Making Cocktails

    Making Cocktails at Fields Lodge

    We’re busy making cocktails at Fields Lodge.  Having recently been awarded our alcohol licence, we are now keen to create a Fields Lodge Signature Drink, and we are hoping that our guests can get involved too!

    Our own mixologist

    Tyler, our resident mixologist, previously used to using Boston Cocktail Shakers is now having to use the Fields Lodge paired down version, which is, in fact,  a Mason Jar Cocktail shaker. For our purposes, it’s doing a great job, and Tyler is such a professional and has had much experience, that she is dealing really well with these reduced circumstances!

    Local Wines, beers and spirits

    I am  keen to use local spirits and Welsh mixers if we can and Tyler has done a great job with the first drink we have ready for trial.

    I plan to create a few options and then have our lovely guests choose their favourite.

    To help with this, I have created a great offer on at the moment, where you can come stay, experience this and help choose which option we should go for.

    It’s great fun creating these drinks, but Tyler and I have to be mindful that we are not having to drive anywhere after we’ve tried them!

    We have many great local breweries and gin distillers, in fact, there has just recently been a new Gin created just a few miles away-so that’s on the shopping list now!

    Wales has a surprising number of vineyards and I plan to visit a few of those in the coming weeks also. I am off to one next week and will try and cover one a week-so watch this space for more news on this.

    At the moment I have what I hope will be a rather nice, non-alcoholic sparkling wine chilling in the fridge. Once I have finished my coaching calls for tonight, I shall be partaking in a glass or two, and it’s perfectly ok  to do so on a ‘school’ night, as there’s no alcohol in it!

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