• Bertie the Sea Bass

    Bertie the Sea Bass visits Milford Waterway

    Bertie Sea Bass and Jayne
    Bertie Sea Bass and Jayne

    A fourteen foot piece of art work has been landed ashore at Milford Waterfront. His name is Bertie and he is a Sea Bass. He was made for the Turn the Tide on Plastic project led by Pembrokeshire’s Amroth & Saundersfoot Community Councils.

    He is truly magnificent, and a beautiful piece of art, there is such a joy to be had by casting your eyes on him!

    It is very appropriate that he has landed in Milford Haven, one of the largest tidal natural harbours in the world, and  once home to one of the largest fishing fleets in the UK.

    You can visit Bertie the Sea Bass, where he is stationed up until the 23rd April 2019, when he will carry on with his travels.

    You are welcome to take a selfie with Bertie and use the hashtag #CleanSeas to help spread the word. Bertie has been a great hit with school children and many schools have made a visit to him, helping educate the upcoming generations as to what needs to be done to help our seas.

    Bertie Sea Bass Turn the Tide
    Bertie Sea Bass Turn the Tide






    Bertie the Sea Bass is solar powered and also lights up at night! What a spectacle to enjoy.


    If you can’t make it to Milford Marina before the 23rd April, then catch my Facebook Live that I did when I went to visit him the other day!

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