• Five Benefits of Being Outside

    Oh, the Benefits of Being Outside!

    One of my beliefs for years has been the benefits of being outside, getting fresh air and in particular, sea air or woodland air, great big gulps of it into your lungs.

    It’s something I encourage all my guests here at Fields Lodge Boutique B&B to do at least once-go out for a lovely walk, no matter what the weather! It’s just so good for you.

    I’m delighted now, that there seems to be ‘real’ evidence to prove this now. Even just recently,the BBC programme, ‘Trust me I’m a Doctor’ undertook an experiment to evidence this in real terms.

    It was proved that a 20 minute stint out in nature was beneficial to mind and body and the ‘guineau pigs’ also confirmed it was good for their soul too.

    Clean Air

    It is known that plants cleanse the air, removing toxins and so to spend some time in a woodland where you are surrounded by trees is extremely beneficial, especially if you live in an urban area. As you breathe in, you’re taking in good, fresh, clean air and breathing out airborne toxins from your body.

    Also boosting your immune system by increasing your Natural Killer Cells and of course, the smells of the outside give you joy, which in turn boosts your immune system as being happy is known to be a factor in general health.

    The smell of a pine tree, or of a rose, brings instant smiles and relaxation to you body-you’ve noticed that yourself, I bet!

    I’ve always believed that nature is fuel for my soul and now there’s research that says, feeling low?… go for a 10 minute walk outside. Much better for your health than a chocolate bar.

    Negative ions

    My favourite ‘type’ of fresh air is Sea Air.

    At the sea the air is filled with negative ions which accelerate your ability to absorb oxygen and increase the levels of seratonin, the happy hormone, in your body-affecting your mood and stress levels.

    Also, the sounds associated with being by the sea, the waves lapping, the wind blowing, the birds singing, all go towards relaxing your body and if you sit quietly, helps you move towards a meditative state, which is growing in evidence is so beneficial for you.

    These days, there is also evidence out there that shows by spending 20 minutes in the outdoors helps regulate your internal body clock, and by doing that, helps re-set your sleep patterns.

    The suggestion is-get outside as early in the day as you can, ideally before noon, (but anytime is better than no time) and have as much as your body exposed to the sunlight as you can. So, if it’s winter try going with a body warmer on and roll your sleeves up, just to expose more skin. At the very least, try to take your gloves off. Ideally, no sunglasses(in winter) as the natural light wants to get into your eyes, but please don’t look AT the sun!

    All this helps your body clock re-set, as it is known that our body clock is slightly ‘off’ 24 hours, and of course, we mess it up with IT devices, TV, bright lights etc, so it’s a wonder it knows when to start winding down!

    And this applies for all seasons-there’s nothing I like more than popping on my boots, my waterproofs, my woolly hat and going off for a walk across one of our lovely beaches! We’re so lucky here to have so many on our doorstep-one just a walk down the lane and many within a few minutes driving.

    No such thing as the wrong weather, said Billy Connolly, just the wrong clothes!

    ‘Stop and smell the roses’…..how old is that saying? And yet, so wise.

    So, here’s the 5 benefits of being out in fresh air:

    My Top 5 Benefits of being outside in Fresh Air

    1. Reduces Stress

    2. Increases your immune system

    3. Improves your mood

    4. Helps improve sleep

    5. Helps clear your lungs

    So, next time you feel, stressed, tired, hungry even….just pop outside and have a walk!

    ‘Jayne made us a picnic and we watched the sun set over Skomer Island, it was magical’ Sue from Solihull

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    Bertie Sea Bass and Jayne
    Bertie Sea Bass and Jayne

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