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    Charging Around Britain- Electric Car Charging

    We are happy to  provide Electric Car charging facilities and this has led to us recently hosting Stuart McBain, who is the first man to drive around the whole coast of the UK in an electric car. He is showcasing the importance of sustainability and renewable energy through his company, Charging Around Britain and travelling the 3,000+ miles whilst staying at Bed & Breakfasts along the way that offer electric car charging.

    The Journey-Electric Car Charging

    He plans to cover the journey in around 23 days and started on 17th March 2017 from his base in Liverpool. Along the way he is calling to see projects that are laying a solid foundation for sustainability with the aim of encouraging the environment and economic well-being of the UK.


    He is calling this Adventure 1, where the plan is, to show there are sufficient charging points available around the UK to ensure the road range of electric vehicles is not a limiting factor on long journeys, making Range Anxiety a thing of the past. Stuart is our 4th electric Car, and we have been happy to provide charging facilities, we have one point at one end of the car park and one at the front of the house. The leads that come with the cars, seem to be long enough in the main, although some car drivers did come equipped with an extension lead!

    He is keeping everyone up to date with his travels by posting daily on Social media and their website to highlight their discoveries both good and bad, as well as to showcase some of the amazing initiatives and businesses they are visiting along the way.

    Electric Car Charging Stations
    Electric Car Charging Stations

    You can follow the journey here: Charging around Britain

    He is travelling in a Tesla car, a magnificent vehicle priced at around an eye watering £70, 000, Stuart’s thought process is, he’s no longer paying £5,000 plus per year in fuel and so he takes that into account.

    I’d never seen a Tesla before-it is a lovely looking car and they have some cool features, such as the door handles come out to meet you when you unlock the car, sliding back into the door to become flush once you’re in, as Tesla researched that the door handles made the car less aerodynamic! A cool feature if you ask me.

    Stuart took me out for a quick spin, the first thing you notice is the silence-no engine start up, no gear changing, just all very peaceful. The car pulled away nicely and we were travelling in a 30 mile an hour speed limit, we came to the national speed limit signs, and Stuart put his foot and promptly left my stomach in the back seat! WOW! What acceleration! I have been lucky enough to have driven some very nice cars in my driving career, some very fast at that, but I can’t say I’ve felt such propulsion from any other car like I did with this one-it was like a jet taking off!

    The other good thing(I’m sure there’s many more, but I’m a woman!), is that you get 2 boots! As there’s no engine (I didn’t realise this, I thought there was still an engine, but apparently not, just 4 motors on each wheel!), well anyway, as there’s no engine, you get a boot in the front, where the engine would be and of course, there’s another one in the back too. This makes it a safer car, I’m told, as it has a crumple zone front and back with the 2 voids, so good from the safety point of view too>

    So, when I have a spare £70K kicking around, I might just get one!

    Stuart and his car is due to be on BBC Wales news tonight he tells me. We are quite near to the end of his trip, he only has to go as far as Liverpool and that’s the whole coast done!

    If you’d like a look at a Tesla, look here




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