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    As a Business Guest, you have slightly different needs to that of a leisure guest.We’re here for you if you are staying with us for business reasons, whether that’s on your own on a business trip or whether you’ve taken your partner away for a romantic break, and you still have to keep in touch with your business.


    We have thought of all things you may need whilst on a business trip(we hope). As I travelled a lot in my ‘other’ career, I stayed in many hotels and B&Bs, some were good, some less so. And from my trips, I hope I have understood what it is you want when you are having to stay away from home for work.

    Firstly, we have great Wi-Fi connectivity-it’s in all the rooms and it’s free. It’s as quick as we can get it, here in the sticks-it’s not fibre optic, as that hasn’t reached here yet, but I have put in a satellite dish and so we have a satellite link that bounces the signal along dishes from the main mast.

    You can park your car just a few feet from the front door, so if it’s raining, you haven’t got far to come to get into the drive, or if you’ve got a heavy bag, not too far to carry it!

    All of the rooms are equipped with a desk type space, so whether you like sitting at a desk or on an easy chair or indeed with the laptop on your lap whilst sitting in bed, there’s a choice of places to work from. You are always welcome to use the dining room or lounge too!

    If you don’t want to go out again and would prefer to work through, then we can arrange a Meat & Cheese Supper Platter for you or you can choose something from the honesty basket.

    We have extra supplies of toiletries or things you may have forgotten-hair gel, shaving kits, nail files, to name a few and we also have a stock of sewing repair items for that button that’s just popped off or that hem that’s just dropped. And if you’ve got a headache or you’ve given yourself one of those pesky paper cuts, we have a small medical supply that you are welcome to use.

    And of course, there’s pen and paper in all the rooms, should you need to make some notes.

    Should you need an early breakfast to get to a meeting on time, or just so you can start your day, then as long as you’ve let us know, we’re happy to organise that for you. And if it’s a really early start, where you can’t yet face breakfast. then we’ll give you a sausage sandwich or similar to keep you going.

    And, as a Business Guest,  if you don’t want to bother having to go to the supermarket to get your lunch, then we can arrange a packed lunch for you that’s got enough in it to keep you going for the day, and best of all, it’s full of homemade goodies!

    Our feature  Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash


Skomer Puffin

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