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    Bed and Breakfast of the Year, Welsh Hospitality Awards

    Whoopie! We are the Bed and Breakfast of the Year! How exciting is that? This is what we were awarded at the Welsh Hospitality Awards in Cardiff recently. This follows on from our recent award winning of Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast in the recent Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards. What a time we are having!

    We were  announced Finalists in the Welsh Hospitality Awards about 2 months ago, following our lovely guests phoning up and nominating us, to be announced as a finalist was exciting enough-out of all the B&Bs in Wales, what an honour!

    Then once we were announced as finalists we were offered to send in some evidence as to why we believed we deserved to be a regional winner. The area of Wales was split into 4 regions and each region was to get a winner and then an overall winner would be declared for Wales itself.

    In just the Regional category we were up against some fierce competition-each B&B doing an excellent job of providing great accommodation, service and food-it was an honour to be named amongst all of these. So, all we could do was provide ‘Our Story’ as to how we welcome guests, what we do, what we offer and just be ourselves, be true to who we are and then leave the judges to decide the rest.


    We dressed up and travelled to Cardiff, the awards we being held in the Mercure Holland Hotel. We travelled in style with Haven Airport Transfers, who put on a special car to take us there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay the night in Cardiff as we had guests booked in, so we had to get back to cook them ‘Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast’ in the morning, plus it was an early request breakfast, so there was no partying afterwards for us!

    We enjoyed a 3 course meal in a room full of the Hospitality Industry of Wales and the awards we whizzed through in a great fashion, enjoyable and not at all boring, which some of these ceremonies can be. Each Finalist was called onto the red carpet and once the winner was announced, the winner was then asked to make a small speech to much applause.

    The awards were split into 2 halves, we were sharing our table with 2 other businesses and one of these were lucky enough to be judged in the first half-and they won, which meant they could then settle down and thoroughly enjoy their meal before the second half of the awards continued. We were to be announced in the second half, so the butterflies in my stomach stopped me enjoying some of my meal!

    We eventually got onto the Bed and Breakfast awards and the Finalists from each region(4 of them) were read out, and a Regional Winner was announced, then each regional winner was called on stage to received a certificate stating they were the winner for their region. We were the third region to be called out, and as I saw the competition we were up against, I held my breath. It was very exciting to see our name up alongside so many great B&Bs, and then (suspense….) the winner was called and it was us!!! Fields Lodge Bed and Breakfast were named Regional Winners for South West Wales, so I was called up onto the stage to collect my certificate. I had enjoyed some bubbly whilst we were eating, and I was on new stilettos, so I was very mindful walking up the red carpet!

    So, there we are, all the regional winners on stage now awaiting to see who would be declared Bed and Breakfast of the Year, it’s one of those times where you tell yourself to keep smiling even if you don’t win! We were all looking at the screen, waiting to see who’s name would come up, I was straining my neck to see if I could work out what was written on the trophy the presenter was holding in her hand…..and lo and behold……Fields Lodge Bed and Breakfast came up as WINNER on the screen above us! Bed and Breakfast of the Year!! Wow-eeee!


    I was presented with a rather nice trophy, and asked to say a few words. It’s one of those times, when you haven’t thought of what you would say, because you didn’t know you were going to be asked, but I did pull a few thank you’s together and of course get a mention in for Pembrokeshire.

    The girls were delighted and I went back to the table, picked them all up and we went outside for a winners picture, with our certificate and our trophy for Bed and Breakfast of the Year.

    We then went back to the table and enjoyed more bubbles and the rest of the awards, before the night was brought to a close.

    Our transport came quickly to collect us and we then spent the drive home in relative silence as we were all shattered by then-bear in mind, that I had been up at 5am that morning and the adrenaline that had been running through us all, together with the food and wine, had now seen us off. I had a cold and was doing a great job of infecting the whole car, although, having said that, none of the car occupants seem to have caught it from me since! The alcohol consumed must’ve killed all the germs!

    So, we arrived home with another lovely trophy – Bed and Breakfast of the Year to go with the others we have, and all we need do now is find a great place to show it off!

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