• Beating Holiday Stress

    Beating Holiday Stress

    If you’ve started to think about having a holiday, then usually, it will come with an element of stress.

    A survey by Lastminute.com found that around 30% of people find planning a holiday stressful

    Here at Fields Lodge Boutique B&B, we’ve created an Awesome Travel Planner to alleviate some of the stress and make sure you get on with beating that holiday stress.

    Here’s what the Express said:












    So, what can you do about this?

    1. Plan it

    Know what you want to achieve, research where your ‘must go’s’ are and have a Plan A and also a Plan B

    2. Be Prepared

    Once you know where/what you want to do, you can then plan what you need to take. For instance, you’ll need flipflops and walking boots if you come to Pembrokeshire in summer. Make a list and cross things off as you pack them.

    3. Be Grateful

    Have in mind gratitude in whatever you do. Always look for what is good, what’s going well, rater than what is missing, what not working. This mental attitude has been proved to have a most beneficial effect on our wellbeing.

    4. Become a local

    Immerse yourself in the localilty, be open to learning about the culture and area you are visiting, go for a drink where the locals go. You can always find the inside track from your host where you are staying.

    5. Be in the moment

    Forget about what’s going on at home, in the world, on in the soaps! Enjoy every minute of the experience you are having, you’ve taken precious time away, so make the most of it.

    If you’d like to plan your trips and get on with  beating holiday stress with our Awesome Planners, then click here:

    ‘I loved the planner, I planned my 4 night stay with it, and got everything done I wanted to’

    Jayne @ Fields Lodge
    Jayne @ Fields Lodge

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