• 12 Days of Christmas

    So, Christmas Day starts the Traditional 12 days of Christmas. This is supposed to be the start of festivities, not the end, as it seems to be these days! So, in an attempt to bring some tradition back into the world, here at Fields Lodge we are giving away gifts over the 12 days of Christmas.

    Now, the song we all know, depicts giving more lavish gifts as each day passes, but I am starting with a big one, just to mix it up a bit! Then we will offer gifts of a varying nature for each of the days going forward.

    So, keep tuned to our Facebook page and our Social Wall, as these gifts are popping up just once a day, and to be able to have the gift you have to take action that day!

    Notes for all the offers:

    • The offer will only work on the day it is offered-eg Day 1 offer, will only work on Dec 25th etc
    • Use our own booking site only: Check Availability & Book Now
    • Make sure to put DAY X (whichever day it is) in the comment box to receive the offer
      And most of all, enjoy!
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    Merry Christmas from Jayne & her team of fabulous angels!


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