• Would Henry Tudor like my Breakfasts?

     Time For a Run??

    It’sSteve Robinson trophy April and it’s blue skies, so a very keen guest decided to get out on thePembrokeshire  Coast Path, which we are situated on, and enjoy an early morning run before coming back to one of my Award Winning Breakfasts-‘Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast’, no less-as judged  by Pembrokeshire County Council for the Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards in April last year.


    The route my guest took was across the circular walk at Dale, encompassing St Anns Head-just under 8 miles and takes in some great history.

    History on our doorstep

    For those of you that have enjoyed the BBC Drama The White Queen and then the books of Phillipa Gregory, this is a must do walk-personally, I wouldnt be running it! You may remember in The White Queen that the  other ‘Margaret’-Margaret Stanley (not the Red Queen) had a son, Henry, in Pembroke Castle-husband died and she married Lord Stanley, while at the same time her son took refuge in France with Jasper Tudor (his Uncle). In the WQ eventually Richard takes the crown after his brother (the King) dies and the other brother being drowned in a vat of red wine. Well,  HenryVII,  once he has grown makes sail to land in Wales and has in mind to take the Crown.

    The route taken today by my guest takes in Mill Bay, where Henry VII landed in 1485 and then made march through Wales and across England, gaining support as he went,  to finally defeat Richard III at Bosworth.

    Butts Bay Mill bay Henry Tudor

    I am sure the coastline hasn’t changed much from when Henry landed, and to imagine 55 Ships and 4000 men coming ashore at Mill Bay and making their way along the Coast Path up towards Aberystwyth, is astounding when you are actually there. It must’ve been such a difficult trek, especially with all that armour and the supplies they must’ve needed! If I had been open back then, perhaps Henry would’ve liked to have had one of my breakfasts to sustain him through the day!

    Time for Refreshment?

    If this inspires you to take the circular walk, I recommend parking in Dale Car park, as, when you return you can enjoy some well earned refreshment at The Griffin, the excellent local pub situated right on Dale front, overlooking the water. One of my favourite pastimes in the Summer evenings is to spend an hour or so with a little drink (gin & tonic or a nice cold cider)  leaning on the beach wall watching the world go by and the sun go down! The Griffin has an excellent reputation for food, with many of the fresh fish dishes comprising of fish brough in directly off the pontoon at the front of the pub. Many guests return to Fields Lodge saying what a good meal they had! http://www.griffininndale.co.uk/

    If you’d like to read more about other things to do in Pembrokeshire then click here: https://www.fieldslodge.co.uk/blog/category/things-to-do-pembrokeshire/


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