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    I spent a morning at The Big Blue Experience  (Tel: 07816 169359 )  this week. I met up with Ollie & Flora and they are based at Newgale (look for the Sands Cafe at the far end of the beach, north side-they’re just a few doors up).


    They offer a fantastic service of catering what you would like to do, activity wise, to the weather and your capabilities-that’s reassuring for someone who’s as unco-ordinated, nervous and unfit as me! And they can offer you a mixture of Kite Surfing, Kite boarding, Paddleboarding, Coasteering, Zap Cat rides (funky rib type boat!) and Power Boat courses! They will look at the wind and wave conditions and then communicate with you about the best places to go and things to do to make sure you have a fantastic day! They have all the equipment you need, just turn up with swimwear, sunglasses and a towel! The photo above is the north end of Newgale beach, a lovely sunny day and just look how much space you have…imagine zooming along here!!



Milford Marina

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