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    Well, it’s nearly upon us-Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards! The Award Ceremony is on this Thursday coming and the excitement is palpable. It’s been a struggle to get enough tickets for the awards, which is great, that so many people want to attend, and I am pleased that yesterday I managed to get the last ticket I was wanting to get. We are only a small team, but I wanted as many as possible to come, as, this year, one of the awards we are finalists for is ‘Best Customer Service Team’, so I thought it very appropriate that as many of the ‘team’ come along. And by that, I don’t just mean those that actively work in the B&B, but those that help and support me from the sidelines, that no-one ever gets to know about. It’s a great way to show those that matter, how much they matter.

    So, it’s gad rags time-up until yesterday I had 2 dresses I was undecided between, mainly because I’m about a half a stone heavier than I should be for wearing them! So, then I received an email highlighting an eveningĀ jumpsuit(which is what I wanted in the first place, but couldn’t find one I liked), so I ordered that last night, which should be delivered today-so maybe by tonight, I’ll have 3 things I’m undecided between, again, mainly because I should be a half a stone lighter!

    Tourism Awards
    Pembs Tourism Awards








    Rhiannon has her outfit all sorted, all she has to do is paint her nails, so they match her dress and she’s ready to go. She does such a good job of doing nails, I’m surprised that the rest of the girls haven’t bombarded her with pleas to do their nails. As she says, there’s always time!

    Rhiannons Nails
    Rhiannon’s Nails


    I caught sight of the menu for the Tourism Awards, yesterday, as I was at a Training day at Pembrokeshire Tourism(they provide great training), and my mouth is watering. My favourite is the pudding course- ‘a trio of desserts’…my favourite. I love to have a little taste of lots of things, so it’s just up my street. The catering is being done by Qube from Tenby, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to be good food. And, lets face it, outside of the awards, that’s what you want-good food and fine wine. Bubbles, I prefer though!

    So, watch this space for whichever outfit I decide to wear and, more importantly, whether we win any of our categories. As a reminder, we are Finalists in: Best Serviced Accommodation, Best Customer Service Team and Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast. We are honoured to be Finalists, as the competition is fierce, quality is great in Pembrokeshire and all we can hope is that we do well on the night and bring home the goods!

    To find out more about Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards, click here and for Qube Catering click here



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