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    Thinking of staying in an AirBnB?

    Are you staying somewhere safe?

    An article this week by Louise Cooper in the Sunday Times had the heading of ‘Why I’m never using Airbnb again’ and was interesting reading.

    I am quite sure there are many great Airbnb landlords out there, in fact I know a few myself. However, how can you EVER be sure that you’re staying somewhere safe?

    Registered Premises

    Being a registered Bed & Breakfast, we are audited by quite a few independent authorities to ensure we meet various standards, some desired, some required by law.

    • For instance, we are inspected by Visit Wales to ensure we have the required level of facilities, toiletries, towels and  bedding and that we offer an appropriate breakfast with great produce. Tick
    • We are inspected by the local council to ensure our food hygiene is of a standard required by law. We all have the relevant food hygiene certificates personally and our kitchen is inspected and passed as meeting the requirements set down by law also. Tick
    • We are visited by Trading Standards to ensure what we say on the tin, so to speak, is what we offer. Tick
    • We stand before a licencing committee at the County Council, after passing examinations to ensure we now the law with regards to the sale of alcohol, and are confirmed as safe in the community. Tick
    • We are audited by the Fire Brigade to ensure we are complying with the laws set down when having the public sleeping in your property. Tick
    • We complete Risk Assessments and have the required industry insurance. Tick
    • We are licensed by the various legal bodies to play music for paying guests. Tick
    • We know the law and abide by it for items such as hot tubs (did you know they should be emptied after every set of guests and disinfected). Tick
    • We have our electrics tested, checked and verified. Tick
    • We have our fire and smoke detectors tested, checked and verified. Tick

    And each one of these has a cost in one way or another and we are happy to cover these costs and follow the required legislation,  as it’s important to us to ensure we provide a safe, hygienic and happy place for our guests to stay.

    Why do these properties appear cheaper?

    There is a reason why a property on these home stay online sites can appear to be quite a good bargain when you compare it to a registered property like an hotel or a B&B and the main reason is because they are not registered. It is generally a self regulated business. Owners can say they’re 5 star, have great beds are clean and hygienic, but there’s no one in authority out there doing an independent check.


    The various laws relating to having the public sleep and eat in a property are vast and that is s0metimes prohibitive for some people and so, joining a home stay agency to advertise their property then appeals as none of the legal checks are done.

    As the saying goes…..’you pay your money and you take your choice’

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Skomer Puffin

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