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    Strawberries Galore!

    The strawberries have arrived at Haverfordwest Farmers Market! Springfields farm at Manorbier have been cultivating their own strawberries for years, and they’re the best strawberries you can buy-in my opinion.

    Haverfordwest Farmers Market

    Springfields Strawberries
    Springfields Strawberries



    You can visit their farm shop to buy some, or you can find them at Haverfordwest Farmers Market on a Friday, where you will also find them selling their produce of blueberries, raspberries, cherries, asparagus and flowers, depending on what time of year you are visiting. The Farmers Market sells all sorts of really fabulous produce, organic veggies, raw milk cheese, home grown, grass fed meats-the list is endless. It’s my favourite place to shop on a Friday, and I stock up with as much local produce as I can for the week ahead. You also get the chance to buy the more unusual veg, not normally stocked in our supermarkets.






    Their farm is close to the coast, being at Manorbier, so you can enjoy a walk around the castle, enjoy the views from the ramparts,  have a nice cup of coffee and then enjoy some sea air at the beach, which is just down the road from the castle.



    The strawberries that are grown at Springfields are nothing like the ones you buy in the supermarket-they are reminiscent of the taste of a strawberry you had when as a child. They are really plump and juicy and so flavoursome. I understand that berries in some supermarkets are ‘pumped’ with water to make them appear luscious, the berries at Springfields are not pumped with water, they are naturally gorgeous! And, as they are not pumped with water and are for sale the day after they have been picked they have a fantastic shelf life-much better than any shop bought ones I have experienced.


    Strawberries at Breakfast

    Here, at Fields Lodge, we tend to serve our berries as a berry cocktail, with a mixture of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, when they are available. We don’t add anything to them, leaving guests to season as they wish. Personally, for me, I don’t add anything more as far as sweetening goes, as they are sweet enough, but for those that like a little more sweetness, we have many different sweeteners, sugars and syrups to choose from.

    I do like to make myself a fruit compote pot, having a layer of compote(no added sugar), a layer of homemade yoghurt, a layer of homemade granola then topped with fresh berries and a little drizzle of something a bit naughty-maybe some coedcanlas honey or maple syrup!


    If you’d like to know more about Springfields click here

    Or for more information on Haverfordwest Farmers Market, click here





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