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    Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards

    Award Time is here!

    Woo-hoo….. we have been listed as Finalists in a few categories in the Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards. This year their main sponsor is the Milford Waterfront Development, and within that the individual categories are then sponsored by other organisations. Individuals from these organisations are usually the judges for the various categories.

    Since we have opened, we have entered these awards, as much to showcase our offering but also to keep us on our toes and continue to improve our offering, keeping up with trends, fashions and most importantly, customer expectations. Having been in banking(previous career) for many (too many!!) years, I sadly, witnessed many businesses failing or deteriorating after what seemed like a great start, and I could usually pinpoint it to one of two main reasons; 1. they grew too big too quick or 2. they got complacent with their offering and just expected customers to continue to buy without putting in continued improvement. This is what drives me to continually improve what we offer here and I plan to always ensure we do. Entering awards is just one of those ‘lines in the sand’ to measure yourself against your peers. It’s a love/hate thing…you love what you do but you (me, I) hate the inevitable stress that comes with it. I stress myself as I expect perfection of myself and my team (not good, I know, but great for our guests!) and therefore, to measure oneself is stress itself!

    Having said that, I am delighted we are finalists in 3 categories: Best Customer Service Team-sponsored by The Stackpole Inn (I have a great team of fabulous girls-angels, I call them-latterly joined by one chap, so I must stop calling them girls now!), Finest Pembrokeshire Breakfast-sponsored by 102.5 Radio Pembrkeshire, which, for those of you that follow us, will know, we have won twice before (no pressure there, then!) and Best Serviced Accommodation, which we have also won an award in before!

    Breakfast Awards
    Breakfast Awards

    We now wait for the judging (it feels like Masterchef to me!) and then the awards ceremony itself on the 10th November to see who actually gets to win. It’s an honour to get as far as being a Finalist, as I feel Pembrokeshire has some great businesses in the Tourism Industry and we are all there to delight the guest, so to be listed amongst your peers is honour enough.

    Watch this space to see how the judging goes….For more information on the Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards click here

    And for more information on Milford Waterfront click here and for Radio Pembrokeshire click here and for The Stackpole Inn(a great place to eat, btw) click here


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