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    Pembrokeshire Coffee

    We are very fortunate to have ‘Pembrokeshire’ coffee on offer here for our guests. The coffee has been awarded the Pembrokeshire Produce Certification Mark. And How??? I hear you asking, do we manage to grow coffee in Pembrokeshire?? Well, it’s not grown in Pembrokeshire, but it is roasted in Pembrokeshire, and that is what allows it to be called Pembrokeshire Coffee! We pride ourselves on bringing our guests as much of Pembrokeshire as possible.

    Capital Roasters

    Phil, who is the owner of Capital Roasters, where our coffee comes from in Pembroke Dock, takes great care when roasting his beans, too his own exacting standards to give us the lovely tasting coffee we offer our guests at Breakfast time. Following his advice, we use a Kenyan Blend that he makes up for us-it’s a nice smooth coffee, not too strongly roasted, specially for early mornings. As you might imagine, there are many different types you can choose from and Phil advised us well, as we do receive many compliments on the quality and taste¬†of our coffee.

    Coffee Factoids

    Here’s some interesting facts for you-there are over 3,300 coffee beans in 1LB of coffee! That’s some picking gone on, by hand, for your daily shot. And, when you think that each coffee bean is one of a pair inside the ‘fruit’ of the coffee plant, and it all gets picked by hand-mostly women, with babies strapped to their fronts, and, don’t forget, coffee is not grown on the flat, it’s grown on the sides of steep hills….and then I feel sorry for myself sometimes when I’ve been sat infront of the computer all day!!! It does make you realise that the work we do today is a far cry from the hard work others in the world are facing.

    The ‘fruit’ of the coffee plant is called a ‘cherry’, but it’s not a cherry that you can eat, it’s very sour. First it starts off as a flower, then as it ripens it turns into the cherry and then only gets picked when it’s ripe. So, these ladies, with their babies strapped to their chests have to check all the flowers on the plants before deciding which ones to pick on any given day. It’s a labour intensive job, so no wonder there are some hefty prices for some coffee.


    I believe ‘Blue Mountain’ is one of the most expensive coffees, but as I am mostly a tea drinker, it would be lost on me, so, although it is available at Capital Roasters, I can’t say I’ve tried it!

    Want Decaffeinated??

    We are also lucky that Phil provides us with ‘water washed’ decaffeinated coffee, which is the most natural way to decaffeinate coffee as opposed to some other methods. Great for those who are careful as to what goes into their bodies!

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