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  • Morning Walk along the Nature Trail

    Ollie boy and I took a walk along the nature trail off Milford Marina. The trail takes you to Lower Priory where you can then pick up the cycle path, that will take you, traffic free, to Neyland and the BRunel Trail-which goes all the way to Haverfordwest- it’s a great cycle route and goes through some fab woodlands and green fields!

    Ollie boy on the nature trail

    The woods are carpeted with bluebells and campions, and in the river below,  some swans have built a nest, right in the middle, away from the dangers of foxes. The path was quite deserted in the morning apart from 2 other dog walkers. It was a joy to be peaceful and just enjoy the birdsong along the way. Ollie found a large enough piece of wood to make him feel very proud of himself and her carried it all the way, most reluctant to drop it to get back into the car!

    Bluebells wood


Skomer Puffin

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