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    Fields Lodge gets a new Website

    Have you seen our lovely new website for Fields Lodge??

    I’m guessing, as you’re on the blog, then you may have!

    Fields Lodge
    Fields Lodge

    However, that doesn’t preclude me from saying how great I think it is. I used to think my ‘old’ website was great, but now, I’m blown away with this one. I guess what was fashionable and IT functional 5 years ago is not what’s fashionable and functional today (although I have a few things remaining in my wardrobe from 5 years ago-maybe I could use that as an excuse to get a whole new ensemble?!?!).

    The new website did start a while ago, it’s taken me ages to get to a fresh logo I liked- thank you Rob at Blue Fin Designs, and then once that was done we were ready to use that as the spring board for the style for the new website. The lovely Claire of Claire Eaton Photography spent some time here and produced some great images for us, we had a great laugh with some impromptu picnic time, but alas, I was ‘working’, so I didn’t avail myself of the bubbly that was popped!

    As many of the team that were around on that day came u to be in the shoot and we had a group photo out the front complete with Ollie dog. You may not realise I have a dog when you visit, as I do keep him away from the B&B as much as I can, as, I am aware that not everyone likes dogs, and for quite some time whilst I was growing up, I was petrified of dogs-to the extent that I would walk 2 miles in another direction to avoid one. Luckily, I have pretty much got over that, but I’m still not great with the bigger ‘scarrier’ breeds or ones that growl! So, for that reason, guests don’t really tend to see Ollie dog that much unless they particularly ask to be introduced. Ollie dog is a truly lovely, lovely boy and has such a great temperament-he really wouldn’t hurt a fly, but if you’re not a fan of dogs, it doesn’t ,matter what anyone says, you still won’t be happy.  So that’s why he’s like a ghost!

    The Team at Fields Lodge
    Ollie and his girls!

    The images went off to the website designers where time and patience goes to Damon and team at Dotnet Works for their brilliant interpretation of my haphazard brief, and the result is what you see today.


    I love the clean lines of it and the fresh vibrant feel to a modern piece of IT that hopefully, I will be able to negotiate as we go forward. From here, I will be working with Rob again on new Guest Information packs, followed by fab new menus and then we will look at updating the signage and I’m hoping I will then be able to ‘dress’ my car! Exciting times ahead!

    I hope you enjoy browsing through the website, and I’d love to hear what you think.


    If you’d like to get in touch with any of the lovely people that helped me with this then here they are:

    Blue Fin Designs

    Claire Eaton Photography

    Dotnet Works



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