• fudge at fields lodge

    Fields Lodge B&B greets guests with Homemade Fudge

    Here at Fields Lodge Bed and Breakfast, our guests have some lovely homemade fudge to enjoy.

    I love fudge! I think it stems from childhood when it was always available when I went to my Grandmothers’ houses. I had 2 ‘Nans’- ‘Little Nan’ and ‘Big Nan’. Thinking back, if I had been ‘Big Nan’, I’m not sure I’d have been very impressed with that name!!! However, it did describe them quite well as my Mother’s mother was very small and petite and my Dad’s Mother was a larger lady in comparison. I always have hopes that I will follow the sizings of ‘Little Nan’, but my love of food seems to be taking me towards ‘Big Nan’- hence I am keen to follow personally a ‘free from’ diet as much as possible. And yet, here I am talking about fudge, which has oodles of sugar in it! As a side note, I am going to try and make the fudge with some of the ‘better’? alternatives to sugar-watch this space.

    So, to get back to fudge…..

    I make fudge at Fields Lodge  for my guests, I have a cute little kilner jar that fits a couple of pieces quite nicely as a little taster for anyone who arrives with a sweet tooth, as a little surprise for them when they reach their room. Not so much of a surprise now though, as I’ve written about it!

    I have tried a few fudge recipes, some with not so good results but have settled on a recipe that is quick and easy and so far, foolproof. It is inspired from a Jamie Oliver recipe and is easy to adapt to give you all sorts of different flavours.

    The recipe is as follows:

    1 can of Condensed Milk

    80gr unsalted butter-I like Calon Wen

    150gr Light, soft brown sugar (although I have subsituted many other brown sugars)

    1 Vanilla Pod- the seeds of

    Pinch of Sea Salt- I like Halen Mon

    You will also need a small baking tin lined with parchment paper and a thermometer


    The method is as simple as pop it all in a large bottom non-stick saucepan and heat over a gentle heat until everything melts-keep stirring all the while to ensure nothing sticks and the sugar doesn’t burn.

    Homemade Fudge at Fields Lodge
    Homemade Fudge at Fields Lodge

    Ideally have a thermometer, as you need the mixture to get to 113 degrees to ensure it will then set. There are little tests you can do with a glass of water and pop a small bit of fudge in it to see if it’s ready but I’ve had mixed results when using this, so a thermometer is the way to go for foolproof fudge. You really don’t want to go to all the bother and expense of making for it to turn out below par, it’s so demoralising, so have thermomter in hand and always then have great fudge.

    Once it’s reached the required temperature, take it off the heat and continue stirring until it starts to cool and firm up, then transfer it to a tin that has been lined with baking parchment. Smooth it down with the back of a spoon that’s been run under hot water and then pop in the fridge for a few hours to set.

    Fudge Cooling at Fields Lodge
    Fudge Cooling at Fields Lodge









    Once set, cut into squares and store in an airtight container in the fridge.

    Fudge ready at Fields Lodge
    Fudge ready at Fields Lodge

    Then pop the kettle on, put your feet up,have a nice cup of coffee and let a few pieces of fudge melt in your mouth…heaven!








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