Skomer Island Visitors Breakfast Options

Depending on when you are looking to visit Skomer Island, you may be facing some early morning queuing and that’s why it’s great if you’re staying with us here at Fields Lodge.

We have a great relationship with Lockley Lodge (where you buy your landing tickets) and the Skippers of the ferry that transport you to Skomer, and so, we always have the most up to date information about the potential queues and also what time you should be heading down to make sure you do get your tickets.

So, assuming you’re planning to visit when the queues are at their longest, here’s the breakfast options we have for you.

Our Usual Breakfast Times are: 8am-9.30am…..this is not likely to suit you if you want to have breakfast before you go down to get your tickets, so your options are:

Our Most Popular: Puffin Breakfast Option

You can go (I’d suggest just one of your party, and the rest can have a lie-in) to Lockley Lodge at your preferred time and queue- book your tickets for say, the 11 o’clock ferry then pop back to Fields Lodge once you have your tickets, and enjoy a breakfast at leisure before popping back down to meet the Ferry at 11am -you will still get the same amount time on Skomer, as your return ferry will be later. This is a favourite of our guests as they get to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and still enjoy all that Skomer has to offer!

Manx Shearwater Breakfast Option

You can skip your breakfast in-house and order a Breakfast to-Go (48 Hours notice required) this is a free option for our VIP guests, and is a full picnic breakfast for you to enjoy in the time between getting your tickets and waiting for the Ferry to take you over. If it’s a pleasant morning, you can enjoy this on Deer Park, overlooking Skomer Island, and if not so nice, you can enjoy it sitting in your car, listening to the radio! Non-VIP Bed & Breakfast option guests can order this with 48 hours notice at an additional charge of £8.50 per person.

Short-Eared Owl Breakfast Option

You can enjoy an early (anytime from 5am) self -serve continental breakfast in our dining room (if you give us 48 hours notice, we can also make you a sausage or bacon bap to take away with you) and once you’re finished you can head down to Lockley Lodge ready to queue.

Oystercatcher Breakfast Option

And, if it’s the time when the queues are not so bad, if you are a VIP Guest with 48 hours notice, we will get the team in early and open the kitchen for you, from 7am (instead of 8am) to offer a full cooked option. This is available to non-VIP guests at an additional charge of £10 per room, chargeable to your room. This means you can come down and enjoy your breakfast and still get to Lockley Lodge by 8.30am.

By chatting with us, we will be able to help you decide which option is right for you at the time you are thinking of visiting.