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  • Water Kefir Making

    Water Kefir Making, good for your gut

    Making Water Kefir

    With water  Kefir  making, we’re moving another step closer to better health, hopefully! I’ve bought in goats milk kefir from Chuckling Goats, a 21 day course(for myself)-it’s supposed to be really good for your microbiome and as you will know, if you keep in touch, I am on a journey to improving my health. I’ve been keen to try and cultivate it myself, but it just hasn’t worked. Varying issues I think, not enough knowledge being the main culprit. Anyhow, with renewed vigour, I’m having another go!

    What it does

    So, what does Kefir do? Well, if you read the Chuckling Goats story, then you’ll have a good idea. However, bottom line, it’s full of friendly bacteria for your gut. Like a good dose of bio yoghurt or a probiotic pill that you may take-except this is a totally natural product. There is more and more research coming out showing how important a good gut balance is for general health, both physical and mental and this evidence is just getting stronger and stronger. You can help create  better gut health by taking onboard more good bacteria and taking kefir or some other fermented product is supposed to help balance out a more unhealthy gut, which mine is-too much sugar over the years, I think is to blame for mine.

    At the same time I am also trying some freeze dried in milk powder kefir starter, this one seems to need a new sachet of the product every time you want to create another litre, so I’m trying that in some coconut water. I’ve tried doing kefir coconut water before, not very successfully, but at one time, it did seem as though I had one jar working but unfortunately, my kitchen angels here on a clean up thought it was just dirty water and washed it all away!!

    Water Kefir in process
    Water Kefir in process


    So, watch this space for how I get on….the kefir is fermenting…all I have to do now is wait a few days!

    And here we are, a few days later…my water kefir is ‘hissing’ at me, and I think I’ll give it a taste, apparently, you ferment it until you reach a taste you like. I use coconut sugar to feed mine, and my initial taste I find is coffee??? Strange!….so I have made a second batch now, just in water and will leave this a little longer to see what that does to the taste and then I’m going to try it in coconut water-apparently that comes out a bit like a glass of champagne! That’ll do for me!!


    water kefir ready to drink
    Water Kefir ready to drink



    I bought my kefir water making grains by Living Probiotics from Amazon click here for link

    There are many sites about Water Kefir, I found this one quite informative Water Kefir Information



Skomer Puffin

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