• Skomer Photography Courses-Puffins in action

    It’s April, which means it’s Puffin time and that means Skomer Photography Courses for lots of people! I’m a point and click photographer with my IPhone more than anything, I do have a ‘nice’ camera, but I hardly ever have it with me and as a well known photography quote goes ‘the best camera you can have, is the one that’s with you’! We are lucky enough to welcome quite a few photographers here at Fields Lodge, amateur and professional and we quite often have guests that are attending Skomer photography courses with Andy Davies Photography as well as some other photographers.

    Andy’s courses are very informative and I have great reviews from guests when they return from a day’s shoot.  By clicking on the above link you can find out his course dates for this year together with other courses he is running.

    Skomer is a beautiful island, the home of one of the world’s largest populations of Puffins, the first count has been made this year and there are a fantastic 25000 puffins on Skomer this year! That is marvellous news, the population is growing, as when I first started the B&B here at Fields Lodge, some 6 years ago, the number of Puffins I remember writing about was 15,000. This, apparently, is down to us being home to the Uk’s only Coastal Reserve-the waters here around Skomer are protected and so the Puffins food source is well protected, so it looks like the system is working!

    If you don’t want to do a photography course, you can always just visit Skomer for the day or even just take a boat trip around the island. If you have come to Pembrokeshire with your ‘better half’ and they want to do a course, but you don’t, Skomer is lovely enough just to sit and watch the world go by while all the photography teaching goes on-just take a nice picnic and flask to take your through the day. Of course, if you prefer to stay onland, there’s plenty to do in Pembrokeshire, or you could even just stay here in the B&B and chill for the day!

    If you’d like to know more about Skomer  and day trips to the island , whether or not you wish to do a Skomer photography course, you can find out all about it here



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