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  • Siarad Cymraeg…you don’t have to

    The small county of Pembrokeshire is in the bottom, south west corner of Wales. It’s an hour off the end of the motorway and the next land after us is Ireland!

    Welsh is the national language of Wales, and we are indeed, Welsh and very proud of it. However, WE (furthest south west part of Pembrokeshire) are known as ‘Little England Beyond Wales’, as in our ‘little bit’ you’re not likely to hear Welsh spoken, and if it wasn’t for the schools, no-one here would speak it either! This is particularly true of  Milford Haven born & bred, it’s a rarity to find a welsh speaker!

    Little England Beyond Wales

    It is all of the land known ‘south of the Landsker line’ that is called ‘Little England beyond Wales’ and has been known as such since the 16th century.

    To read more about it in depth click here

    To get back to Siarad Cymraeg? Which is ‘Do you speak Welsh?’ or literal translation ‘speak welsh?’, so no, you don’t have to.

    All the signage in Wales is dual language as the Welsh Government is trying to increase the number of Welsh Speakers in Wales and the Welsh translation is featured first, followed by the English.

    You only have to drive for 45 minutes in any direction though and you will start to hear Welsh spoken as frequently as you will hear English, as Welsh is often the first language here. Pretty much everyone speaks English though, so you’ll never be stuck. But as with all foreign languages, people love it when you try.

    Some words

    So, to give you a heads up for some of the more common words you may come across, in no particular order:

    Ty Bach                          Toilet

    Y gegin                           Kitchen

    Bore Da                          Good Morning

    Os gwelwch yn dda       Please

    Shwmae                         How are you

    Croeso                            Welcome

    Diolch                             Thanks

    Iechyd da                       Cheers

    Bwrw glaw                     Raining (well used in Wales!!)


    For much more fun, this is a great BBC Radio 4 article click here and for more Fields Lodge tales, stories & news, click here




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