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  • Picton Castle – a quest for afternoon tea!

    I am attempting to find the best ‘afternoon tea’ locally, following a request from a forthcoming guest-‘ideally with nice gardens’….so Picton Castle came to mind!

    I am slightly ashamed to say I have never been here before, other than for a wedding, and at that point I really didn’t see anything other than the wedding venue!

    So, I collared my friend Gill into accompanying me on my quest….

    Picton Castle is great, the gardens are fantastic and my ‘snaps’ do not do it justice! Plan to spend at least 4 hours there, I would say. The gardens cover 40 acres, there is a magical Walled Garden, with herbs you have never heard of, there’s a pond and a fantastic bluebell walk, which we just caught the tail end of.

    Picton Castle walled garden

    There’s interesting things along the way to entertain children, young and old alike (Gill playacting a Hobbit!)

    Picton Castle Hobbit

    Unfortunately, we missed the Castle tour-the last one is at 2.15, so be mindful of this (good excuse to go back again!)

    Anyway, let’s come to the reason for our visit-Afternoon Tea…Picton Castle do not do afternoon tea 🙁

    There is a very nice cafe there, and we enjoyed fantastic Tapas in the sunshine and we followed it up with a scone, cream & jam, but no traditional Afternoon Tea- you know little dainty finger sandwiches, 3 tier cake stand, loads of different little cakes, tea in a teapot…you get the idea??

    So, Picton Castle DEFINATELY worth a visit, cafe definately worth trying but the quest for Afternon Tea goes on!

    Picton Castle1


Skomer Puffin

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