• Penbrokeshire's Finest Breakfast

    Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast

    Well, we did it! Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast, for the third awards ceremony in succession. What a great honour to be judged by three independent persons, one being the County Council, tasting all that’s on offer on your menu and comparing you to their peers and declaring you as ‘Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast’.

    Bearing in mind that in Pembrokeshire, there are close to 1000 accommodation providers, with many offering really great breakfasts, local produce and homemade, it makes the award very dear.

    The Awards Ceremony

    The award ceremony took place in the Pavillion at Withybush aerodrome and was decorated lovely. There was a bucks fizz on arrival and the tables were adorned with displays from Fishguard Garden Centre, which unknown to us, at the end of the night,  were given to the person whose place setting had their card under their napkin on arrival (which was me!).

    Getting Ready
    Getting ready

    The food was provided by Qube Catering, who did an excellent job in serving 250 meals in a timely manner. It was great to see that they used local producers for their menu.

    We were given an overview of the new proposed design for Milford Marina, by Milford Waterfront and time will tell how much of this vision becomes reality. They have just sponsored Coleman Racing and I was lucky enough to see them trying out our waterway, just the other day!

    The awards, run by Pembrokeshire Tourism,  whizzed by and we were grateful to be judged with some great names in Pembrokeshire. We were proud to be named Finalists in 3 categories and delighted to be announced the winner of ‘Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast’. We enjoyed some celebratory fizz and I think it’s fair to say, a few of us were a little delicate the following day!

    Enjoyig the night
    Enjoying the night








    The Award

    The award on the Night
    The award on the night




    The awards themselves were again created by Steve Robinson Glass, and are magnificent-so ours now has pride of place in the Dining Room, for all to see.




    3 Awards
    3 Awards








    The Future?

    With things changing in the Tourism sector, the County Council are devolving responsibility to another ‘organisation’ (yet to be confirmed,  I think), I do wonder if these awards will be the last organised by Pembrokeshire Tourism, as there is talk of all the various Tourism umbrella organisations coming together as one to create this ‘organisation’ that I have mentioned.  Pembrokeshire Tourism, the organisation and the people have done such a lot too help me in setting up the B&B, right from the very beginning and still up until today, with training, courses and networking, they have provided help and advice to make Fields Lodge the successful B&B it is today. I do hope that none of that expertise and help is lost when the future takes shape.


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