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    January Blues?

    Are you suffering from January blues? Apparently, January is the busiest month for divorce applications, with people getting to their ‘last straw’ over the Christmas period and of course, inevitably, people have overspent and it’s a long time until January pay day at the end of the month as many companies do pay December salary a little earlier, which is great for Christmas but just adds to the pain in January.


    Apparently (according to Radio 2) January is the month of the year which sees most new crime novels and thrillers published. The idea is, we’re all holed up at home in the dark and that we like to cuddle up a read a good book. I had 2 thriller type novels given to me for Christmas-I’m in the middle of reading ‘The Tea Planter’s Wife'(read a review here) at the moment. What a fab story this is…it’s that good I’m rush reading it, just to see what’s going to happen next. I’m surprised it’s not made it’s way onto the big screen, I think it would make a brilliant film.

    Well, it’s lovely and sunny outside as I write this-typically, I am stuck inside on the PC, but I will be escaping later to take Ollie Boy for a walk. If I’m early enough we’ll catch a beach and if not, it will be around Milford Marina ( see what’s going on at Milford Marina here). I love window shopping whilst I’m walking around there. Ollie doesn’t seem to understand that some windows take a lot of perusing-if I stay too long at one window, I’m guaranteed to get a paw on the leg as a little jolt to get moving.

    Personally I love January, the main reason for this is because it’s the month of my Birthday!! Although it’s so close to Christmas, all my festivities are over now for the whole year. I often joke that I shall become like the Queen and have another birthday in the summer, just to even it up a bit!


    Take a look at this little video and remind yourself how lovely it is in our neck of the woods! Push away those January Blues by booking a stay here with us-at least then you have something to look forward to! To book a stay: click here!


Skomer Puffin

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